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Sep 5, 2003
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For those of you that are new here and for those of you that would like to read an update regarding the PRISM/VIRTUAL situation with Jinnia...

Well, here is last post made at Insomniacs Lounge and the link to the entire thread:

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My Experience/Issue with Prism Casino::
------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------
Hi Insomniacs, I really don't know where to begin, but a few Insomniacs has been wanting to know about my experience/issue I had with Prism Casino in the year 2003, I'll try and make this clear and short for now:

Last June (2003) my checking account started being hit with 'unauthorized' charges. Numerous of them, 71 to be exact. It showed on my statement AVP Solutions, EZTP.NET, IFund Compecash ,Selborne Ltd (which turned out to be a migrogaming casino, I got them paid back.. all settled)., and Help4Casino.com.

I tried contacting these e-processors to see what casino posted them. I was successful in contacting EZTP.NET at that time, they looked it up and told me theirs came from ProcMoney/Prism.

I contacted Prism, they denied doing this and put the blame off on EZTP.NET of doing it.

So I went to my bank and filed 71 fraud forms, one for each charge after taking almost 2 weeks going through all my information.

You see, I took a snap shots and text files of my accounts History before logging off after making deposits and playing. So I have records showing my legit deposits.

My bank turned this information over to their Fraud Department for investigation. Then in August of 2003 my account started being hit again with 'unauthorized' charges, 3 to be exact, so I went into my bank to find out how since I had that bankcard 'Hot Carded.' They started searching and found 17 more 'unauthorized' charges waiting to hit at later date(s) that was set up last June as pre-auths against my checking account. And no way of stopping them since they were set up before I hot carded that bankcard.

The FACTS I found are::

[1] The phone number EZTP.NET gave me (1-866-968-7946) as their contact number for ProcMoney/Prism went to Virtual Casino.
[2] The phone number AVP Solutions gave me as their contact number for Grafix Softech (of who put through the charges), guess who? Right, Virtual Casino.
[3] IFund Compecash is Prism/Virtual/GrafixSoftech/ProcMoney
[4] John Shepard (Pitboss of Prism - real name? I believe it's an alias, possibly a players name?) sent me a 'contract to sign and if I would do so, they would reimburse me all 'unauthorized' charges plus my bank fees.
But when I received the 'contract' I didn't like the way it read, so I amended it, sent it back unsigned, they refused to accept it then.

On and on it went.. Just do a Google search for - Jinnia - you'll see my posts.

There is more to that issue with Prism, and one about a withdrawal request made last of Jan 2003 that was 'Manager Approved' first of Feb. But I never got paid, but keeping it short for right now.

As time goes on and by answering any questions any may ask me, it'll all come about in time.

Now Present date: Monday, Sept. 27, 2004:

July of this year (2004), the issue came up again and I spoke with a 'Paul' (manager(?) - real name 'Steve' maybe?) at Prism. He agreed that my withdrawal request that was 'Manager Approved' (mentioned above), I was entitled to $200 of it. But instead of transferring it to my Neteller account (which if I was entitled to it, he should have), he stuck it in my account for play, with a 30x wagering requirement on it, and an extremely low cash out IF I won any from it.

I shouldn't have played it, but wanted to see if they had changed any from their old ways, and found - No, they have not changed in the way they decieve/lie/cheat the player, but Yes, they have changed, in the way their games play, they have been set up to have VERY VERY few hits if any at all. About payouts, sorry I didn't win, money POOF, gone in no time, no play time at all came from it.

So that raised questions in my mind about RTG software and their operators. Can the operators 'tweak' the software? Well, it's common knowledge they all can 'customize' it to reflect the look and feel of their casino. Everything from the architecture of the casino floor to the faces of the cards can be tailored to reflect any theme.

They can even customize:

Game table felt colors

Pattern and color of the carpets

Slot machine graphics, reel curvature, speed, sounds and more

Bet levels

Pay tables (the pay tables are restricted to certain software brands, wagerlogic is one, they have it right on their website, and I strongly believe RTG is a second one. I may be wrong, but highly doubt it).
this is disturbing! The problem I have with this is as always two-sided

1) Is it a FACT that PRISM made the unauthorized withdrarwels?
2) WHY has an authority figure NOT stepped in here?

Fraud is a serious issue.

thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.... :what:
Petunia said:
this is disturbing! The problem I have with this is as always two-sided

1) Is it a FACT that PRISM made the unauthorized withdrarwels?
2) WHY has an authority figure NOT stepped in here?

Fraud is a serious issue.

thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.... :what:

Regarding your first question.....YES IT ABSOLUTEY IS A FACT!

And the answer to the second question is that they are located in Costa Rica and there is NO U.S. law that can touch them.
I need to make a correction to my above post. I thought the $200 that Paul (Steve) put in my account for play had a 30x playthrough. But I just found the paper I wrote on while he and I spoke on the phone, and I have 10x playthrough wrote down, along with a 2x max cashout.

On MY $200 due me, I would have had to play $2000 and could have only cashed out $400, IF I had won anything.

Sorry! That's why I keep notes.

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