Unibet KYC problems because I've changed countries


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Jun 6, 2023
My name is Brenda and I am from Mexico but I have lived in the UK on tourist visa for the last 6 months.

I have an account with unibet and I verified my account fully, with address proof (utility bill sent in the post) and my Mexican passport in April.

I didn’t use the account until last week and this week, as I was waiting to be paid.

I used my own debit card with an online bank to deposit.

In total I deposited £500, and I had a balance on my account of £1000 when I encountered problems.

I requested to withdraw my balance, however they then asked me to provide another proof of address document which had been sent in the post, a bank statement, and finally a picture of front and back of my cards.

I explained to them my flight back to Mexico was in one day and I can’t get these documents. I explained my account was fully verified with the proof of address and ID before I deposited the money as I wanted to make sure there was no problems.

Anyway, I got my card pictures verified, and accepted. I then sent a utility bill (water) that was sent in the post and they rejected it (it’s the only utility bill I have) and I cannot get anymore as I closed the account as I have now left, and finally, I sent them my online bank statement.

Unibet then proceeded to freeze my account and then withdraw me £500, to my bank, which I recieved. They said once the documents have been accept they will release the other £500.

My issue is, they have rejected the only possible document I could send, I have now left the UK for good and I cannot get any more documents. I was fully verified and I read on the internet they are not allowed to request more documents just because I withdraw.

I just want my money at this point, I am a legit player I did nothing wrong and I was verified when I began to play and now they won’t give me my £500 winnings for no reason. I’ve sent what they asked for and I have asked my account be closed as I have now left the UK but just to send my money.

I checked via live chat before I deposited that my account was fully verified so I would have no problems and that was confirmed so I don’t understand this issue. They are asking me now for impossible things.
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