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Jul 28, 2023
Hello everyone. I will share my issue and hopefully someone will give me a good advice and how to proceed.
On 9th of Dec 2022 I request a Withdrawal of my personal account in Interbet ( ProgressPlay Ltd) of 1095£. The payment stays on pending until nowadays ( almost 9 months). Meanwhile, I complete the official complaint procedure via the site, but for those 9 months I didn't receive absolutely any response from the betting site. Via the live chat, received every time the same answer that my account is under investigation and by email even after over 100 mails sent, no answer at all. I contacted also the Gambling Commission, but they said their just a regulator and not take a decision about cases, which is strange because Interbet clearly violate all the Rules in their Terms & Conditions. In February I completed the complaint procedure with eCogra (ADR provider for Interbet) and few days ago, finally I received a retroactive response from April ( 4 months later) that they resolved in favour of the operator. As an answer they present the reason that ''I'm sharing an address with another consumer that has been banned across the operators network''. I would like to underline that I live in sharehouse and have no any connection with the person who had an account with Interbet. In the same time when I create my account, this person already doesn't have one, which means there is only 1 account per household. Also I request information from The Gambling Commission and anonymously from the same site ( Interbet) and there is no any restriction, 2 people to have an account in the same site from the same address. After my awful experience, I'm looking only to get my money, don't mind the account to be closed after that.

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