1xbet stolen money from 2017


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Aug 12, 2021
just want to report my story with this "bookmaker":
Registered on this site on may 2 2017.
Deposited 2k, did some bets until my balance reached about 4000$.
Then they voided all bets and blocked my account.
They asked: id card, selfie with monitor with their email and documents in hand, screens of skrill account, utility bill.
i sent all documents and they accepted.
Then they asked me to send via regular postmail (not tracked) , a notarized copy of my id card, and all other documents already sent.
I sent over the years at their two different addesses provided (one in russia, one in ukraine), what they asked (i think 4 or 5 times total), and they always telling me "we are awaiting your documents".
I still dont understand how this bookmaker can be sponsor of Serie A.

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