I got my money out of 1xbet


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Oct 11, 2023
I just thought people might be interested that after over 3 months, I finally got my money out of 1xbet. I still think anyone would be stoopid to go anywhere near them with even an 8 foot pole. They are robotic, fraudulent, scammish.
There is nothing legitimate about this sportsbook I'm seeing spammed across advertisement screen bars in soccer matches in europe, still seen advertised everywhere. If you're in NAmerica, good luck getting verified with the same amount of difficulty I had.

it required constant harassing and slurs and daily contacting just to keep them busy. Constantly reminding them this is the only identification I can provide them, things like a Driver's License is a high form of legal documentation in Canada, that we don't have some of the permits or ID they requested.

What it really comes down to is their security@ email they use for verifications is completely robotic, there's literally someone paid to sit with a script and steer people away and have them repeating different photo requests until you're driven mad and stop trying to get verified. They don't do crap all, you need to be emailing their verification@1xbet email address, they're the only ones who did anything or pretended to be real. If you're being scammed by 1xbet, their security team email address is just going to constantly give you the same old robotic responses and keep you in a loop. When they say higher quality photos, they literally mean (but won't tell you) that you need the RAW image file and then you convert it to .jpeg manually or they won't even look at it (they even told me in an email they won't look at the image if it's under 1mb (hmmm, go figure)).

So the only way I got verified is after telling them I don't use a passport and it would cost the same amount of money in my account I'm trying to get out and months to process just to get a passport, so I gave them another new photo of me holding an ID in front of a computer with their stoopid email open with my face in the picture and converted to jpeg from raw, then I edited the shadows and did other image enhancements in photoshop without telling them because how the heck are you supposed to get all 3 things perfectly in focus and legible without some professional photo studio shoot with a phone camera... I had to do all this while blindly taking a selfie with the back of my phone a hundred times until everything was in place since I needed the higher megapixels that's not usually on the front camera of a phone. I told them this is the only form of legal valid ID I use that eventually the verification team overruled a previous email stating again I was not reading the rules or doing as per their request and actually said my account is verified and to go and withdraw my funds.

It was a battle. Thanks for hearing my rant.

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