The maddest Euro Cup 2020 bets?


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Jul 22, 2016
The Euro 2020 is about to finnish, just 5 days to the finals!!.. I've been grabbing info from some Sportsbook websites trying to find some interesting "mad" bets I will put some money there:

About Italy vs Spain from tonight:
  • Busquets, Sergio (Spain)) to give an Assist -> Yes (16/1)
  • Pedri (Spain) to give an Assist -> Yes (8/1)
  • Pedri (Spain) to score & give an Assist -> Yes (66/1)
  • Correct Score: 3-3 (60/1) , 2-2(13/1)
Of course I'm a Spanish Supporter :p

I've got those Bets info from Unibet.

Some ideas to add here?
England to actually win the tournament would, based on our form of the past 55 years, be a mad bet, but most UK bookies if not all, have us as the favourites. That though is not surprising based on the fact their books are heavily weighted with bets made from the heart.

I hope Spain do it tonight too, not just for you Pere, but I think this Italian side are immense, even though they have lost Spinny to that horrendous achilles injury. If England do win tomorrow night, I would want to be playing Spain rather than the Italians LOL
Heres a few from Skybet for tomorrow night... I will stick my usual fiver on Stones to score a header @ 20-1 ( he will do it someday)

I missed almost whole bet i think last night ^^

Just made one ticket for today, maybe not so mad :)


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