The Best on-line casinos?



I was wondering if those experienced with on-line casinos could answer 2 questions for me and email their responses to

Questions :

1. What is the best on-line casino in your opinion?

2. What did you like about that casino?

Thank you for your time and information.
Has anyone had experience with "USA Casino". If you have, please send e-mail to me at of your experience. I have downloaded their software to play off-line, and the software is excellent, but I have not played online as of yet.

Thank you,
Rick R.

Has any tried ArcticHouse Roulette Analyzer?
Is it really good?

Ha s anyone played World Wide Vegas? What do you think? I have heard negative things just wanting to know.
I would be interested to know if anyone has tried ArcticHouse in a real casino game. Please contact me via my email.
With thanks,
I play at worldwidevegas and have always received great support. The one time I won I cashed out $2,300 got $2,000 on my credit card and a check for $300.00.

what negative comments did you hear?
Hi Winner,

i do not believe that you get paid by them, because they do not by me...


I got paid by credit card and cashiers check. Are you saying that you did not receive anything from these guys? I would be surprised. Not only did I get paid I also won a trip based on their comp program. I wagered over $10,000 there last month. How much did you wager?

I also have to say that if you talk to Brandy at support she is very nice. Married but nice.
I've seen a report about Starnet Communications being raided. They supply on-line gaming software. It puts me off ever playing for real mony on-line.

The report is posted on:

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Nice ad for a premium rate telephone service who in there right mind is going to pay 1 a minute for a horse race tipping service??????

Rex stick to standing outside the race track selling tips "I HAVE A HORSE I HAVE A HORSE"

Theres an Idea get a premium rate telephone line advertise it and pick a small horse race lets say 5 runners then everytime someone phones give them a different horse then if you get say 1000 callers
200 of them will be told the name of the winner these 200 will think you are brilliant and will be prepared to pay you even more for your next tip hey you could even repeat this on the next race so 40 people get the correct horse they will then think you are brilliant and pay you even more for your next tip!!!!!!!!!!

Food for thought everyone dont get taken in

Lasvegashitmob your best bet (and free)
Rex the number mb16493 at the end of that url you posted is a reseller number. So that you get paid for the hit. Once you go there, YOU try to sell your service.

Why would anyone here buy horse racing tips. We have the famous Las Vegas Hit Mob to give us free picks.
Way to go Steve. You may have crossed over the line, but you saved us on that one. It's a good thing you know so much about Starnets seller program. Makes you wonder how smart they are to post on this forum with you here.
Rex, be nice to LVHM, he is a nice guy who lives far far away. He is old and crippled but knows his stuff. *just kidding LVHM* *NOT* *grin*
Jeablue, not to be rude or anything. But I just read your posting about only believing half of what steve says because he bought a casino.

You came here a couple of months ago looking to buy a casino, now you begrudge steve for doing so?

He has complained about the resellers program with starnet, I do not see where he has said anything about the casino's themselves. he has only said good things. So get off his back.
It looks more likely everyone is turning to
buying casinos. For that, it is beyond my
means. So, i will be better off as a player.
I am sticking aro to see whether any kind
casino owners would be generous enough to
provide me with free chips and win some real
cash without any conditions attached. LOL.
Dear Fan,
You bring up an interesting point. As I said in my previous post, Steve has the right to do what ever he wants.
What had me concerned was the way he would join in the fray with regards to how starnet treated their resellers. He even changed his email to reflect his frustration with this company. If he was unhappy with the way they do business, why would he throw his hat in to the ring so to speak and buy a casino?
So while I admire your defense of him, Next time get all your facts straight. Take care and hope to see you soon, But next time please post an email so we know who you are. *smile*
Fan, thanks but please stay out of it. (whatever it is) I really do not need your imput.

Jeablue, I thought you read my posts? My complaint is and has been with starnets reseller program. My casino does not have that program, so nobody is getting screwed by it. I lose because it does not work, that causes Starnet to deal with the issue!

Now that I am a sub licensee of starnet, they will have to deal with me on a greater level than that of a reseller. I have said over and over again that Starnet has good software and I have won alot of money from them, so I know they do not cheat gamblers. It is the reseller program that is flawed.

So if you only believe half of what I post, I do not care.

But now I get called a traitor, crossed the line. Give me a break. This forum is read by every casino out there, Don't you think they post here with strange emails like yahoo,casino, hotmail, and other email addresses that are not connected to their isp accounts.
lets all bash a guy who gives out good advise. So steve we are going to bash you today. At least he did not buy First lie (Live) I hear the shovels being gathered now. will hit mob call big ron out of retirement for steve?

Will steve survive? Or is this line crossing to much for us? Will steve end up on some desert island casino somewhere? Will frank finally get his wish? Stay tuned to this channel
Alright! The first annual Steve bashing is now under way. pow, punch, dig, dig,

Whats going on for crying out loud

either I have not got all the posts or there is a bit of confusion out there so as International peacekeeper I will settle this little foray;


Steve Adkins -professional video poker player give him sh*t and you get sh*t back
Jeablue -French super babe loves all no nonsense girl
Sharon/Frank/Helga linked in a bizzare love triangle but all three good allrounders
Yanni- man of mystery loves casino on net takes no
nonsense but a good sport (currently missing)
Timothy- much malined but ultimetly OK
lee/dan- deranged lunatics somehow they managed to escape from a lunatic asylum
lasvegashitmob- UK sex god really cool dude thousands of adorers etc etc etc
i would like to bash STEVE ADKINS also. zap bing, pang, just joking. i read this thing because of him and some others. crossed over?
Oh I forgot to mention in my cast list

Ricky- cross-dresser habitual alcoholic who howls at the moon related by marriage to Ricky Lake she of my husband has sex with donkeys type of tv programme
Now we have got the ball rolling. Nothing like a good professional forum. I like to read about gambling, not Hit mobs sex life, I do not care if
adkkins owns a casino. But having sex with donkeys? Is this the new starnet site? I am not sure what crawled up your ass Hit mob, but take it out on someone else

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