Thank You Jackpot Capital, 3Dice and Bah, humbug! CLUB WORLD!


I'm Beetlejuice Baby!
I wanted to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and an extra
special thanks to Jackpot Capital for some (expensive) free spins.

Thank you 3Dice for a nice Christmas bonus. Very nice of you guys!

Thanks to Grande Vegas Casino, Miami Club Casino and Liberty Slots Casino for
the bitchin' tourneys!

I would NOT like to give thanks and a Merry Christmas to Club World Casinos.

I deposit regularly and received nothing. On top of that, I made a deposit for $50.00
on December 20th, got charged on my debit card but never got credited in the casino.
I Waited until the 21st to send in my statement to show the cashier that it went from
"pending" to "debit charged" and received a run around from them. Cashier is at lunch,
cashier left for the day, cashier is off on December 24th, yada yada.

Anyhow, can't wait to make deposits again at the places who actually give a shit about players. :thumbsup: