Submitted for your consideration; Dumbest bonus of the year contender

neon claws

Jan 5, 2020
This is not a complaint, just a funny story of casino incompetence and also a warning regarding how you can still lose even with almost free money...

So maybe a year back PokiePlace popped up as yet another shady clip joint offering to accept .au players, since our benevolent government has kindly made sure we can't play at any regulated casinos it of course attracted players quickly, including myself.
I was of course pretty dubious they would payout when it came to it but what was very interesting was that they were apparently offering unlimited 150-200% match bonuses with no minimum deposit and a $15 max bet. This made me even less inclined to believe they would ever pay since those terms are ridiculously generous; all you need to do is make a bunch of small deposits ($25) and do a few $15 spins, eventually you'll get a decent spin and then you've only got about $1000 of wagering to complete.

However since they were fairly incompetent (you'd have to be to offer those kind of terms) you often had to go to live chat and ask for the bonus since it wasn't credited automatically half the time, live chat would then accuse you of clicking the wrong offer, even though you've already had the same argument with them a dozen times in the last hour, but eventually they would credit the bonus and often they'd only set the wagering on the bonus funds instead of the deposit so you'd end up with even less wagering.

I very quickly got to a balance of I think $9000 from about $500 worth of deposits and requested a cashout and low and behold the stalling began, and boy oh boy did they stall! I won't bore you with the details but despite their website saying payment in 3 days, it took 3 MONTHS before I saw a payout, and I wasn't alone; review sites were filled with people going through the same thing. I was determined not to play it back since I had very little hope they'd ever pay anything so there was no point really playing anymore however when the money actually came through I told 4 friends about the place and that all they had to do was do min deposit and max bet and were basically assured of easy money.

Well 3 of them made good amounts of money, probably about $30k between them and began the arduous withdrawal procedure but the 4th player, despite following the strategy ended up depositing over $6,000 and not clearing wagering once- so in real terms they had $18,000 of funds to play with doing $15 spins and did not once clear wagering of only ~$1000 in over 240 deposits.

They weren't regular gamblers so I was often there trying to help and making sure they weren't playing it back and it was just the absolute biggest run of shite luck I've ever seen, over multiple days and sessions, different games and providers- it was just an absolute massacre, you'd almost never see a win over 20x.

Anyway once everyone else had been paid out we all decided to split the money so he didn't end up losing anything but it just goes to show that even with getting $3 for every $1 you put in, you can still lose, so imagine how bad your odds normally are.

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