SOW/AML/KYC does it really need to be this difficult???


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Oct 13, 2014
n ireland
This whole thing really winds me up. You have rules implemented by the UKGC with the best of intentions that are ineffective , any money launderer could drive a bus through them but joe public has to be subject to check after check again and again and every online casino now has teams of people to monitor the situation.

I'm not a "techie" but regardless I simply cant see why this whole thing can't be simplified and made effective at the same time.

Why can't someone set up an ewallet which sole purpose is to facilitate gambling transactions end off,no debit cards, money transfers to other individuals just loaded from your bank account/credit card and withdrawals available to bank, that's all instant in the UK now anyway so use your own debit card transfer from your own account through bank if need be.

That organisation KYC's you, carries out AML checks and SOW and sets a limit based on these as to what your spend is in totality (remember at the moment you could literally have 100's of casino accounts with a reasonable £1000 a month spend and be laundering away till your hearts content).

Come to think of it why don't the UKGC set it up and make it law that if you want to gamble in the UK you must use "GCeller"??

The upside to the operator - they don't need to do ANY checks apart from crosscheck name and address when you deposit from GCeller. They know the funds and you are genuine everythings already been prechecked and since any withdrawals are processed back to GCeller you have a proper closed loop system? Staff costs that's are replicated in every online operator could be drastically reduced.
To the GENUINE customer you only have to go through all the Sow/Aml/Kyc with "Gceller" and after that you should be able to gamble away, sign up at new sites,deposit,withdraw without any delays, why would they need ANY info from you at all GCeller are telling them who you are and that your money is clean?
I for one wouldn't have any problem giving all the necessary info to one organisation and that being the end of it but what is going on at the moment is madness.
Maybe a government body wouldn't have the foresight for something like this but there has to be some "gamechanger" its a nightmare for all involved. I did mention this before , I don't get why the current ewallets haven't tried to come up with something like this and even get it into legislation that they are the only ones able to process gambling transactions?? That doesn't mean you can't use your bank acc/credit/debit card but for the funds to end up in an online casino/sportsbook they have to go through a 3rd party, that to me is the definition of payment processing. There can be only one for it to work that way the full picture is seen (total deposits/withdrawals/nett spend/nett income etc etc.)
Anyway this is written quickly but I hope you get my drift

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