SCI FI CASINO - Outta this World?


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Jun 4, 2003
My tactics? I didn't know asking some questions about past events was considered a "tactic." As for intentionally damaging anyone, you're wrong about that one. And yes, I have gone through tons of old threads about this, and other people/ casinos, and actually had a couple more questions, but chose not to ask them.

GP and Cloud can go blow as far as I'm concerned, although maybe I'll start asking them questions, since I'm also curious about them.

This is my last post on this, I find it sad that I had to be answered in such an arrogant hostile manner. In this way, you yourself, have also shown your colours.


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Nov 5, 2001
To be fair Deeg it's like this..

This Jetset guy is here and has feilded this question many moons ago many times over.

The others you speak of are not here and have not answered any questions.

Apart from that i have no insider knowledge of what gives where or when or what goes wherever or whenever.

In your exchange i see..Jetset has shown a human trait, no more - IE he can get pissy as you put it. He has and does get annoyed, he will admit that i am sure, those are normal colours to me guy.

I know these things not because i'm a Jet apologist Deeg, more he's got pissy with me before too.


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Feb 22, 2001
I repeat - not *pissy* simply impatient at having to step up every time someone with an agenda tries to discredit me on information that is (a) old and (b) false. And these same posts giving the true facts have been posted by myself and others who have been around long enough to know the real story in every thread that these people "just happened to come across".

You have to consider the liklihood of the claimed *innocent* motivation for these occasional assaults, and the relationship of the attack to events going on at the same time that may just be connected.

This is still a pretty wild industry, and those who put their heads up over the rampart from time to time to expose bad behaviour or help others who have been badly treated on either side of the player-casino divide easily become targets of some pretty scummy people who play hard-ball without too much respect for the truth.

Several posters here who fall in this category have experience of anonymous personal threats to themselves and their families, massive unwanted signups for porn spam, attempted frame-ups, damage to property, site hacking attempts and the most common - attempted message board assasination - too often to take this sort of thing lightly.

We all went O/T there somewhat.

To summarise, I'm with DaveR on redemptions - clean the slate with any legit claims that are still outstanding and, provided the casino has been operating in a fair and acceptable manner for a reasonable period of time it should be possible to put it on a cautionary list. If after a further agreed period they are still doing it right, then full redemption should be attainable.


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Sep 25, 2003
Vancouver Island
For what it's worth, jetset, your reputation's still gold with me. I didn't get any negative feeling after reading Deeg's question. I'm sure I am speaking for everyone who reads this forum regularly.
Also, I didn't interpret Deeg's question as trying to discredit you. He seemed sincerely interested in what it was all about, although I can understand why you might feel defensive when something comes up out of left field like that.
Maybe you should have a little copy/paste file in notebook with a well-phrased reply to this question, since it comes up once in a while, and save yourself some grief.
Take Care!


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