Be Aware Scatters not respecting cross-border gambling restrictions


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Jan 20, 2004
More than two months ago a Swedish player came to us with their complaint wherein -- a Malta-licensed casino** -- had been ignoring Swedish gaming law by actively marketing to and offering gambling services to Swedish citizens. The player had played at Scatters, lost a considerable sum, and was hoping to reclaim some of those losses. They'd been trying for four months to get the issue resolved with Scatters directly but had had no meaningful response.

We contacted Scatters and were told that the matter had been referred to their Legal department and the player would be informed of the decision in due course. Weeks passed but the player heard noting from Scatters. When we inquired after the players case we were repeatedly told "it's with Legal, they'll respond when they're ready. Whenever we asked when a response might be expected they would only say "when Legal is ready". This went on for roughly two months: nothing from Scatters and no indication when there might be.

Be Aware : Scatters Support may well refer player complaints to their Legal Department at which point their issue can drag on indefinitely without reason given or any further notice provided. Players are told they have no choice but to wait for when Legal might have something further to say.

Thanks to a reader for letting us know that Scatters is now licensed in Kahnawake.
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I suspect they were waiting for their "change of ownership" to be completed. This way Gammix can wash their hands of it and move on.

Legitimate question: why does it seem like online casinos "change owners" so often? I've only really been in this world for about 3 years now, but in that time I've seen quite a few casinos change hands.
Is it for tax purposes? Licensing? Or are these companies just flat out funnelling money to fund the Russian army?
No idea about the Russians but for a lot of the smaller casinos, the ones that start as Mom and Pop operations, selling is the end goal. It's happened to a number of lovely casinos -- perfect when they were with the original owners -- that turned to kak when the new owners came in.

We've also seen cases where the casino group -- usually ones with really dirt reputations -- will announce they've been "sold" when really it's just a cosmetic thing that enables them to say ridiculous things like "we only bought the company assets" and abandon the financial obligations of the "previous" owners.

And last but not least there is an ongojng drift in the industry toward amalgamation, meaning larger casino groups hoovering up small casinos to the point where small guys are disappearing at an alarming rate.

- Max

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