Ruby Fortune - Keep your winnings?????


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Mar 7, 2008
Hey all,

Quick query. Played the hour free on Ruby and at the end of it was $75 up. So decided I would put their ad to the test. I seen it on another bonus site and also noticed it on the front page here, saying play for an hour free and keep your winnings.

Now to me that means that anything over the 750 you get to keep. No?

Also in the ad that gets the players to go to their site their is no mention of terms and conditions. So in that one ad the player thinks that, cool get over 750 and I get free money.

I know from playing other casinos that it is just a ploy because you then have to wager those "winnings" 30x to be able to withdraw.

I realise they all do it, but this is the first one I have seen that actually says in the ad, keep your winnings, when in fact it doesnt mean that at all.

Anyways, in a roundup, I know I wasnt going to get the winnings that easily, thats not the complaint. The complaint is that surely they cant advertise keep your winnings without either doing that or at least referring to T&C's in the ad. False advertising anyone?


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Jan 20, 2004
The rep for Ruby Fortune, "Palace Group", is a member here. I've alerted them to the confusion over the bonus.


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Dec 1, 2005
Misleading promotion

This promotion concept (1 hour free play, keep winnings) is used by several MG casino groups. And they generate nothing but complaints! In fact this promotion concept made it into the Danish TV news casting a shadow over online gambling unfortunately.
The specific case was a Casino Rewards casino (Captain Cook) and it was presented as if the casino did cheat the player, but the
truth was that the player had not read the full T&C (and neigther had the journalists....)

The T&C usually does state the exact rules, but you really have to read the T&C very carefully. And then will discover it is very misleading to call it "1 Hour play, keep your winnings". Winnings has to be wagered and sometimes you also actually have to deposit to receive your 'winnings'. And there is also a low cap on how much you can win.

It misleading marketing and the T&C is very complicated to understand. It sounds too good to be true, which it indeed is! But it attracts customers...

This is one of the better posts about the same subject.
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Oct 14, 2004
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This promotion could be "cleaned up" by making it "Win your own personal deposit bonus".

The advert should stipulate the amount of deposit required, but then encourage the customer to do their best to win themselves as big a bonus as they can (subject to a CLEARLY DISPLAYED cap).
This would be enough to make the advert itself "honest".
Terms and Conditions would then lay down the procedures to follow, and the wagering requirements and exclusions relating to the offer.
There would still be an incentive to the customers, but they will not end up feeling cheated once they win a fat sum and end up having most of it "confiscated" when they try to redeem their "prize".
This could be backfiring, there may well be players who do well on this free play, but whose first impressions are tainted when they feel cheated out of what the advert promised. They may then decide not to become a regulat player at that casino after all, and would look at other casinos offering different types of opening offers, as their view of this particular offer type would by now be negative.

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