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[Rogue] I won Random Jackpot GOLDSTREAM i thought

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Bonus Issues' started by Kwasje, Oct 19, 2009.

    Oct 19, 2009
  1. Kwasje

    Kwasje Dormant account

    Hi all ,

    Newbee here:thumbsup: !!
    I hope its not too long and understandable( my english is not first language) and i hope people will use this post as a warning !!!!!
    I just want to tell quickly about my story at this GOLDSTREAM (nottootrust) casino before i forget it .

    Its been a while since it happened .
    SO i got this email a while back from them and used this Coupon when i deposited the first time (firstdeposit) email :Join GoldStream's Safari of Cash
    If you're a Goldstream member, we've got the bonus for you:

    200% "SAFARICASH" Bonus
    30X playthrough (60x blackjack/video poker)
    No Max Cashout

    (email was sent 29 september 2009)
    OK so i made my firstdeposit of after redeeming AFRICA i only made 20$ deposit and there was a litlle problem already because my 200% bonus did not go automatic and i only GOT 20$ so i went to live chat and told them about AFRICAcoupon he did correct it manually BUT he told me something like this : u should know that usuallly ..... and then he said: nevermind but i said : no please tell me HE: usually minimum deposit is 25$ but it ok or something like that and i went off chat . (cant remember unfortunately i havent saved all chats becuase i didnt knew this event would ever happen to me)

    Ok so i started playing bankroll 60$ ofcourse i play slots for wagering requirements :thumbsup:

    I cant remember all but i think i first played 1 other slotgame before i played TEXAS TYCOON this is the slot where i suddenly won more then 5500 dollar RANDOMJACKPOT with a 1.25$ spin( but i dont think that would have mattered) man i was so happy!:) and started playing 2.50 and more spins to fullfill my requirements( maybe it was already fullfilled when i won but i did not checked the lobby yet and wanted to play more) so when i finally thought i fullfilled i checked the lobby and yes it was showing nothing anymore only what i can withdraw (cant rember but it was more then 5700$)

    So i went to live chat for more info (unfortunatley not saved chat!! so dumb!:mad:)
    but it whent something like this :

    Me : Hi icant believe this but i just made my first deposit and won jackpot can u check this what must i do unbelviable
    support: username please (ofcourse i forget somethings but i only write the important)
    and few minutes later
    support: Congratulations!! ive checked your account and u fullfilled wagering and also there is no maxcashout attached to coupon so your are fully able to withdraw this amount!
    Me: Yes !unbelievable ive never won this amount on casino I love GOLDSTREAM:) i said and bye

    So i was free to play anygame from HERE i think i had 5700 or more and played more slotgames a lot to be honest 2.5$ spins minimum i won much more i think i was on 7200$ when i finished playing slots and played roulette like a madman after and LOST alot cant remember how much but i still had more then 3500$ i think (wow when i think about it :mad:) i started to withdraw forthe first time : there rules for withdraw was max cashout of 2500$ a week and i had to send ID and Utillity (i did this no problem and it was verified quickly maybe 1 day not by email but when i logged in the next day there was a message in lobby that documents where ok ) so i think i had 2500 pending 1000$ to play with but i lost this 1000$ and got my pending amount again removed lol unbeliavble and withdrawed like 2000$ and so i had 500$ but anyway this isnt really important idid this a few times withdraw remove withdrawal pending but so finally after using up my compoints and 0.00 balance i still got 2500$ left pending as withdrawal and decided not too touch it anymore and wait for my withdrawal options and payoutdepartment(they only showd two withdrawal options in the beginning to me i choose overnight express (it can take ten days) but after checking there was another options available neteller(so weird) so i went live chat and said i wanted to cashout my pending amount to neteller he said ok give details he did not say which but i only gave him my neteller IDnumber and he did not reply quick so i asked is this ok ? he said yes . me:bye

    Now it think i waited more then ten days wheni got this email :
    2009/10/6 Gold Stream < This email is not visible to you. >
    Dear my name,
    Gold Stream Username: kwasje

    We are sorry to have to inform you that your recent withdrawal request was denied. This denial could be for a number of different reasons, which we have listed below.

    1. You have not met the playthrough requirements associated with the bonus that you redeemed.

    2. The amount you requested as a withdrawal was not enough to cover the amount of your non-cashable bonus.

    3. You played games that you were not allowed to play with the bonus that you redeemed.

    4. You have redeemed multiple free chips and have yet to make a deposit with us.

    These are just a few of the reasons that your recent withdrawal request for $2,500.00 may have been denied. We would recommend that you contact us immediately to find out why your withdrawal request was denied, and to find out what you can do to help get it approved. We look forward to speaking with you soon!


    Customer Relations Manager
    Toll Free: 1-888-402-2062
    E-mail: This email is not visible to you.
    You must register/login in order to see the link.

    Whaat i was so angry i could believe this!i logged in i went to live chat (from now i started saving every conversation) so now i will stop and just SHOW you my LIVECHATS i had with an agent another agent and later a casinomanager(supposedly)HERE IT IS (i am wesley:))i wont be saying anything else i stop now (tired) and just wanted to let u know i quickly lost my 60$(socalled secondschance pzzzzz !)and uninstalled the software ! and i hope you people will never experience this and find this GOLDSTREAM is rogue!!:p: any feedback would be great !! ok HERE :

    Alex: Hello, Welcome to Gold Stream Casino!
    wesley: Hi why was my withdrawal of 2500 denied ?
    wesley: unbelievanle
    wesley: ive now have 50 instead of 2500
    wesley: 60
    Alex: May I have your userID please?
    wesley: kwasje
    wesley: i dont understand this ive won a jackpot and cant claim my winnings
    Alex: You played Roulette.
    wesley: what >?
    Alex: Wagers placed in Roulette, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Baccarat and Sic Bo do not count towards meeting the wagering requirement.
    wesley: thats unfair
    Alex: We placed the deposit and bonus in again as second chance for you.
    Alex: No is not.
    wesley: ive played roulette when my playthrough
    wesley: was over
    wesley: ive fullfilled
    Alex: If you don't know which games you can play you always ask like you are doing now.
    wesley: the lobby showed
    wesley: it
    wesley: i laso taljed too live chat after i won jackpot right after
    wesley: talked
    wesley: theu said ive won
    wesley: and i was able to withdraw full amount
    Alex: You met the playthorugh with games you are banned to play.
    wesley: this isnt fair
    wesley: you proof me please
    Alex: The system doesn't know the rules, with those games completing the wagers is extremely easy. The casino decide to banned does games to all bonuses and this is very clear in all online casinos.\
    wesley: You guys saids to me that ive won one of u even confirmed that ive won
    wesley: this unbelievable and i feel u robbed me
    wesley: plase checjk history of my chat
    Alex: For the future remember always to ask the rules of the coupon.
    wesley: u will see i talk to one of u right after i won
    Alex: You spoke with customer service agent, the withdraw is denied by the pay out department.
    wesley: who can i email to ?
    wesley: this is outrageous
    Alex: For what?
    wesley: fo4r this
    wesley: u dont seem to understand me
    Alex: Sorry but this was denied but them already, you won't be receiving that money. You were not entitled to it.
    Alex: I do however you don't see to understand me.
    wesley: i want my history send to me by email plase
    wesley: also i think you casino isnt fair
    Alex: We don't do that.
    Alex: I can figure that since you are not getting the money is normal you feel that way.
    wesley: haha your not a pro
    wesley: its 2500
    wesley: u robbing me
    wesley: not 60
    Alex: You are robbing us by breaking our establish rules.
    wesley: i plaed all this timey
    wesley: yeah right please proof me then
    wesley: your are unbelievable
    Alex: The denial is most clear proof of it.
    wesley: icant even get any proof
    Alex: My friend I'm letting you know what occurred even if you keep trying with some else the money is not yours to cash out.
    wesley: i know i played correctly why cant u show me that i was wrong
    wesley: so what do you think now ?
    wesley: you think i walk away just like nothing happened
    Alex: I think you should go to bed now, tomorrow is a new day.
    Alex: I don't think that however I know this money will not be given to you.
    Alex: You did not make the money correctly.
    wesley: Its unfair i really tought i won
    Alex: Once again you played a game you are not allowed to.
    wesley: didnt showed
    wesley: i did not man
    wesley: wow you guys thanks
    Alex: You are welcome.
    Alex: I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

    (next day)
    Megan: Hello, Welcome to Gold Stream Casino!
    wesley: Hi i want to know why
    wesley: my withdrawal of 2500 was conficated
    wesley: nagain
    wesley: and i have left over 60
    Megan: I need to check the account
    wesley: kwasje
    Megan: may I have the user name ,please
    Megan: thanks
    Megan: it was removed from the account because you have played non allowed games with the bonus
    wesley: like which game?
    Megan: they put back your deposit and the bonus
    Megan: for you to start from scratch
    wesley: which game did i played?
    Megan: one moment
    wesley: i only played slots
    wesley: when i won jackpot
    wesley: 5500
    wesley: i contact support
    wesley: and ask them what i have to do
    Megan: nope
    Megan: you have played roulette
    Megan: You cannot play baccarat, craps, roulette, sic Bo, pontoon21 these games will not be included in the calculation of the play through requirements, unless specifically stated otherwise by the casino manager.
    wesley: does that mean u can take evrything even if i played ?
    wesley: does not count toward
    wesley: its says
    wesley: not vcount
    wesley: not take
    Megan: yes , that is clearly stated at the web site
    wesley: when i conjtacted live support
    wesley: they didnt say that then
    wesley: i was congratulated
    Megan: let me give you the info
    wesley: afrter i won jackpot i played alot of games
    wesley: including roulette
    wesley: i also used alot of comps
    wesley: so i played all this time
    wesley: for nothing ?
    wesley: first u congratulate me
    wesley: then i take my leftover
    wesley: u
    wesley: i know the info
    wesley: im not new to online casino and ive nevr been treated this was way
    wesley: i used bonuscode
    wesley: AFRICA u know
    wesley: 20 deposit
    wesley: 40 bonus
    wesley: 60 start balance
    wesley: i instanlty start plauing slots
    wesley: texastycoon
    wesley: i win 5600 jackpot with 1.25 spin
    wesley: i play more
    wesley: much more on texastycoon
    wesley: thern i contact support
    Megan: I have reviewed the chats history
    Megan: and they are no records of any one
    Megan: telling you that
    wesley: he said congratulation u are fully able to withdraw becyase there is no maxcashout
    wesley: yeah
    wesley: haha
    wesley: right
    wesley: u are working for
    wesley: thieves
    wesley: i will send evry forum about this
    wesley: and i feel sorry for your players
    wesley: i already asked aboutr tyhis with email
    wesley: but no reply
    Megan: ok
    Megan: here is the think I am trying to help you
    Megan: but since you are calling us names
    Megan: I rather you send and email to the manager
    wesley: u must understand i won jackpot and u take it
    Megan: he will get back to you
    wesley: understand ?
    Megan: yes , but you must understand to
    wesley: i send 4 emails
    wesley: no reply yet
    wesley: it say 1 business day its now 4
    wesley: 4 emails!
    Megan: those rules were made to be followed
    Megan: Unless otherwise stated, all bonuses including (but not restricted to) weekly & weekend coupons, comp points, Cashback bonuses, no-deposit bonuses & comps etc, as well as the deposits made to redeem any aforementioned bonuses, must be wagered at least 30 times before withdrawing. Wagering on Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker and Sic Bo will not count towards this wagering requirement. Every $1 wagered on any of the Blackjack games and Video Poker or Multi-Hand Video Poker games will count as $0.50 towards meeting the wagering requirements. If an excluded game is played before completion of the above wagering requirements, the casino reserves the right to void all funds and close the account, and require the player to forfeit the bonus. For example, if a deposit of US$100 is made and a bonus of US$100 is redeemed, the player must wager at least US$6,000 ((US$100 + US$100) x 30) on applicable games prior to requesting a withdrawal. Players from Sweden, Finland, Netherlands & Norway must wager an additional 5 times on any bonus.
    wesley: megan i am telling u
    Megan: did you read the part says
    Megan: the casino reserves the right to void all funds and close the account, and require the player to forfeit the bonus
    wesley: i did played only slots
    wesley: im not stupid
    wesley: u say im play roulette
    wesley: its dumb
    wesley: i did not only after i fullfilled
    wesley: i played so much
    wesley: how canh i not fullfilled !!
    wesley: the lobby also was showing i fullfilled
    wesley: hello ?
    wesley: u want too close my account?
    Megan: in order to get this done
    Megan: you need to contact the manager
    Megan: through email
    wesley: what i s his name
    wesley: ok
    wesley: megan im not lying
    Megan: Roulette 93 0.5% $7,456.00 $80.17 19.7% $1,418.00
    wesley: what is that
    Megan: you have played 19.7% roulette
    wesley: i onmly made 20 deposit
    Megan: and won $1.418
    wesley: so playtrough was small
    wesley: yes after fullment
    wesley: filment\
    wesley: im not crazy
    Megan: I am sorry you have played roulette
    wesley: i played slots too fullfill first 20 plus 40
    wesley: not you are tryuing to say that to me cuz u dont wan t to pay me
    wesley: megan
    wesley: im did the right thing
    Megan: the rules are very clear
    wesley: slots
    wesley: yes they are
    wesley: and i obeyed tthem
    Megan: I can give you the link if you want ,me to
    wesley: what bonus did i
    wesley: ?
    wesley: used?
    Megan: the casino reserves the right to void all funds and close the account, and require the player to forfeit the bonus
    wesley: yes its easy for u
    Megan: instead of taken all the money from you
    wesley: according to you which bonus did i
    Megan: they gave you a second chance to start all over again
    Megan: did you realize that
    Megan: I guess not
    wesley: come on megan i had 5699
    wesley: !
    wesley: and u confirmed and congratulated me
    Megan: I understand your frustration
    wesley: haha
    wesley: really
    wesley: i dont believe u
    wesley: i think im not the first person
    Megan: but come on , you know they did you a favor
    wesley: who ghet shrugged off like this
    Megan: you know I am not lying
    wesley: i know
    wesley: megan u are and
    wesley: you know too
    wesley: come on
    Megan: i ran the report and you have played roulette
    wesley: do the
    wesley: right
    wesley: thing and tell
    wesley: your manager to pay m,e
    Megan: now you are calling me a liar
    wesley: common megan i know you are trained
    Megan: I can try to reach a manager
    wesley: too fool people around
    Megan: but he tell you the same thing
    wesley: yes because you are nothing but untrustable?
    wesley: how many players do iu have?
    wesley: i will go tell evryone
    wesley: about my
    wesley: misfortune here
    wesley: and i want mangters name
    Megan: If I start counting I might finish until 2 hours
    wesley: megan how qwould u
    wesley: feeel
    Paulie: Good morning , this is Paulie the casino manager
    Paulie: I was monitoring this chat
    wesley: hi paulie
    Paulie: how may I help you ?
    wesley: did someone explauin to yoou
    wesley: ?
    wesley: or do i have to tell again
    Paulie: I read the chat already
    wesley: Megan: Hello, Welcome to Gold Stream Casino! wesley: Hi i want to know why wesley: my withdrawal of 2500 was conficated wesley: nagain wesley: and i have left over 60 Megan: I need to check the account wesley: kwasje Megan: may I have the user name ,please Megan: thanks Megan: it was removed from the account because you have played non allowed games with the bonus wesley: like which game? Megan: they put back your deposit and the bonus Megan: for you to start from scratch wesley: which game did i played? Megan: one moment wesley: i only played slots wesley: when i won jackpot wesley: 5500 wesley: i contact support wesley: and ask them what i have to do Megan: nope Megan: you have played roulette Megan: You cannot play baccarat, craps, roulette, sic Bo, pontoon21 these games will not be included in the calculation of the play through requirements, unless specifically stated otherwise by the casino manager. wesley: does that mean u can take evrything even if i played ? wesley: does not count toward wesley: its says wesley: not vcount wesley: not take Megan: yes , that is clearly stated at the web site wesley: when i conjtacted live support wesley: they didnt say that then wesley: i was congratulated Megan: let me give you the info
    wesley: ok sorry
    wesley: i will explain properly
    wesley: i deposited few days ago 20 bonus code africa
    wesley: got 60
    Paulie: yes I saw that
    wesley: hello?
    wesley: i play slots
    wesley: and win jackpot on texas tycoon
    wesley: 5500 ?
    wesley: can u see that too?
    Paulie: Unfortunately you played roulette therefore the deposit went back to the account along with the original bonus you took .
    wesley: no i didnt played roulette when i was in the bonus
    wesley: bonus was over
    wesley: already
    wesley: the lobby was gone
    wesley: i know it was already over
    wesley: and
    wesley: i also contacted live support
    wesley: a few moments after i won
    wesley: i could not believ it
    Paulie: let me double check that for you
    Paulie: one moment please
    wesley: and aske i f i rally won
    wesley: he checked it
    wesley: and said
    wesley: congratulationi ve checked your account
    wesley: or smething
    wesley: im really not lying ..
    wesley: why
    Paulie: who did you check this with ?
    wesley: i dont know man
    wesley: im telling u i had this conversation
    wesley: if its gone somebody has eraesed it
    wesley: i also played so much more after i
    wesley: won this jackpot
    wesley: and also wsitched comps ?
    Paulie: I believe alex already explained you why this withdrawal was denied on Oct 6th
    wesley: yes alex
    wesley: i think alexx dont understand me
    wesley: Alex was laughing
    wesley: at me
    wesley: i felt that
    wesley: he is like a bot
    wesley: and i sended 4 emaqil
    wesley: do iu want too see
    wesley: chat between me and him
    wesley: i have it
    Paulie: I read the entire chat you had with Alex
    wesley: shame i dont have the one when i won the jackpot
    Paulie: he explained you why this withdrawal was denied .
    wesley: so why cant u see me other chat
    wesley: ?
    wesley: u can see it
    wesley: yes becuase i played a forbidden
    wesley: game
    wesley: not!
    wesley: its not true paulie
    wesley: why am i lying
    wesley: wwhy are u saying i played roulette
    wesley: i did not
    wesley: played in bonus afica AFTER
    wesley: only
    Paulie: I am reviewing all chat transcripts now .
    Paulie: this is what I will do
    wesley: i onlu deposited 29 so the playtrouhgf was already reached with slot play and the lobby an your agent told me too
    wesley: 20\
    Paulie: I will check with the payout dept manager about this
    Paulie: he should be here in about 3 hours .
    wesley: i send payout department 4 emails they dont repsond to
    wesley: m,e
    Paulie: Please contact me back around that time .
    wesley: please i hope you help me out man and do the righht thing
    Paulie: I understand therefore please contact me in about 3 hours .
    Paulie: I will check it with them
    Paulie: with the payout dept manager .
    wesley: ok i save this convesrtation
    wesley: i hope too hear form u soon
    wesley: please im telling u i did not do anything rwrong im not lying
    wesley: and you already congratulated me and confirmed me winnings
    wesley: and then iu take it again
    wesley: ok
    wesley: i will wait

    The REASON why GOLDSTREAM denied my withdrawal is clearly that i played ROULETTE which i have played AFTER fullfilling Bonus coupon AFRICA which was confirmed in the lobby and live support told me that i fullfilled wagering and that there was no maxcashout attached to coupon and(something like this) :Congratulations wesley ive checked your account and i see u fullfilled wagering and there was no maxcashout attached so this amount is yours to keep! so why cant i play roulette now there are no rules to jacpotwins are there ? does redeeming comp points have rules ? but why then take ervything? and not only the comp points i redemmed if TRUE i also remeber my balance was alot higher maybe plus 7000 after hours of slot play and i DEFINATELY remeber playing ROULETTE and losing almost evrything ON ROULETTE(i lost alot more then i won think ) yes but managed to get back a litlle and this was way after i fullfilled ! I repeat I already fullfilled my wagering requirements of coupon AFRICA and i did not use any other (i redeemed some comps but that it ) after my deposit i started playing slots only i can REMEMBER that very clea

    rly as i know the rules of completing wagering requirements

    wesley: Hi
    wesley: i want to speaj
    Amanda: HI
    wesley: to paulie
    Amanda: may i ask what this is in reference to?
    wesley: just tell him
    wesley: please
    wesley: he know i will be here
    wesley: he told me come in 3 hours
    Amanda: ok he wil be right with you he said...;-)
    wesley: ok
    wesley: great
    Amanda: he is checking on something for you
    wesley: im not going anywhere
    Amanda: ok good
    Amanda: they r still working on it
    Amanda: must have been a big issue huh?
    wesley: OK
    wesley: yes
    Please wait while I transfer the chat to Paulie.
    You are now chatting with Paulie.
    Paulie: Hi Again
    wesley: hi
    Paulie: I ran a report of your total game play
    wesley: ok
    Paulie: Unfortunately you did played Roulette in between slots .
    Paulie: therefore we had to denied the withdrawal and have you start with the original deposit and bonus again .
    wesley: no this cant be true
    wesley: what was my balance when i played roulette ?
    wesley: have you
    wesley: found the chat session of that day
    Paulie: the balance is not a problem .
    wesley: can u tell me which slots i played in order and when i played roulette
    Paulie: you played slots first
    Paulie: then roulette .
    Paulie: then slots and requested a withdrawal
    Paulie: this on the 26th
    wesley: yes
    Paulie: then you cancelled your withdrawal on the 30th
    wesley: after i spoke with agent and the lobbey showed fullfillment
    Paulie: played slots for an hour
    wesley: yes
    Paulie: and then went back to roulette
    wesley: i cancelled alot of withdrawals
    wesley: true
    Paulie: Again this coupon is a slots coupon only
    wesley: but it was full filled
    wesley: how many did i wagerd on slots
    wesley: it way way more then
    Paulie: that is where you are wrong
    Paulie: the reason why you cannot play other games on this bonus is because
    Paulie: you can use the money you built up playing roulette to complete the play on slots
    Paulie: this is why we DO NOT allow any other games on this bonus but Slots
    wesley: yes but i fullfilled !
    wesley: first
    wesley: after playing roulette
    wesley: conted agent and lobby showed
    Paulie: maybe you did but then you cancelled the withdrawal and then requested $2500
    wesley: huh?
    Paulie: instead of the $1500 originally requested
    wesley: what is wrong with that
    Paulie: some of the money won on Roulette as used to play slots
    Paulie: this we do not allow
    Paulie: it is very wrong
    wesley: but i already won it so there werent any rules on this jacpot ?
    Paulie: We do not allow that since we cannot tell how much of the money won on roulette was used to ply more slots
    wesley: it was mine to keep and i fullfilled
    Paulie: no
    wesley: thats is wrong
    Paulie: because this bonus comes with playthrough requirements
    Paulie: Again
    Paulie: as Casino rules
    wesley: the bonus was not valid anymore
    Paulie: Craps, baccarat, pontoon 21 and sic bo DO NOT count towards the wagering requirements
    wesley: because it was completed
    wesley: very weird dont you think
    wesley: ?
    wesley: not very player friendly kinda lose lose situation
    Paulie: I am sorry you feel that way
    Paulie: but that is exactly why we do not allow this .
    wesley: yes i feel very bad because your system is very bad
    Paulie: We have placed the original dep and bonus in your account
    Paulie: so you can start from scratch
    Paulie: please Play Slots only
    wesley: i was on 7000 paulie
    wesley: nobody told me a thing when i was playing
    wesley: all was good
    wesley: and as far i know this is conclusion
    wesley: :
    Paulie: I am sorry but everything is very clear
    Paulie: I wish you good luck on your deposit and bonus
    Paulie: hopefully you can build it up again on Slots only
    wesley: i fullflled wagering for bonus code africa EASILY then i made withdraw and play roulette but then i made withdraw aagin that is my mistake
    wesley: so u agree conclusion ?
    wesley: so if i only withdraw and not play roulette nothing was wrong?
    Paulie: you completed the play on the coupon but you used money from Roulette to complete it
    Paulie: that is against the casino rules
    Paulie: Is there anything else that I can help you with?
    wesley: if i did that you are right but i did not completed it with roulette i fullfilled it with slots BUT OK i guess its of no use
    Paulie: Good luck
    Paulie: have a nice day
  2. Oct 19, 2009
  3. same_old

    same_old Dormant account PABaccred webmeister

    12th man
    I didnt read over it all so you may have covered what iam about to say.

    I saw that they stated that only one free chip can be claimed at any one casino, can you confirm if you do in fact have other accounts at these places?.

    From the sounds of it the casino does loot to be in the right if you have violated any of the terms sorry mate.
  4. Oct 19, 2009
  5. De Beuker

    De Beuker Senior Member

    Welcome to the forum Wesley!
    Man, that sucks big time, but Goldstream is as rough as it gets, one of the worst places to play as you just found out..:mad:
    I'm not sure, but I think its a Crystal Palace Group casino, very bad reputation.
    I think after reading your story that the comp points you redeemed are the problem here, did you play roulette with the comps?
    Comp points also have a WR at this casino, and if you played roulette with the comps you violated their T&C's and thats why they confiscated all your winnings.
    Also, some casino's do not allow playing restricted games AFTER you meet the WR, so to stay on the safe side, NEVER play table games when taking a bonus is the best way to go.
    Next time, pick a casino from the accredited list here on CM, Aladdins Gold for example is a great RTG, or InetBet.:)
  6. Oct 19, 2009
  7. Jasminebed

    Jasminebed Aspiring old lady

    Not in workforce
    Oh, I am so sorry you had such an unhappy experience. Goldstream Casino is part of the old Crystal Palace Group http://www.casinomeister.com/rogue/crystal_palace.php and is infamous for screwing players over.

    I'm not sure even if you had saved your earliest chats, they would have honoured the words of their reps. I never do anything to do with money by phone, I want that record.

    Thanks for sharing your sad experience with us. Hopefully there will be a player or two that learns from your hard lesson.

    You will find a host of reputable casinos here. I do, however, know that Inetbet (another RTG) does not allow play on restricted games on their coupons even after meeting WR, but this is made quite clear. I always initiate a withdrawal and wait for payment (about 12 hours or less to ewallet) and then redeposit.

    Think I played at a Rival or two that had a similar rule, but I know that I play casinos where I am permitted to play anything after meeting WRs.

    At least with the Accredited Casinos here at CM you have access to a dispute mediation service. There is a Pitch-A-Bitch process here, but I don't know if it would do you any good with these clowns.
  8. Oct 19, 2009
  9. Stovetopp

    Stovetopp Senior Member MM

    On the Beach
    Is this a fact? Unfortunately, I have never made playthrough to try other games.....But my usual method playing is to play only slots and as soon as WR is met , I start playing VP or Craps..Twice I did this at Cherry Red but I called first to make sure andf made a copy of the cashiers page to show I had no playthrough requirements left......Hmmm I have to check with INET I was just about to make a deposit there I liker INET and JC for their fairness
  10. Oct 19, 2009
  11. Jasminebed

    Jasminebed Aspiring old lady

    Not in workforce
    I've been playing at Inetbet for quite some time. I don't seem to still have an email, but I've only played at 3 RTG casinos, pretty sure it was them. From their promotional page:
    Please feel free to email Inetbet support to ask. If I am mistaken, I apologize.

    Goldstream claimed it was impossible to tell from the software when wagers were placed (I doubt it:eek:), but if it is an RTG flaw, Inetbet would have it too. Might require a manual review of a player's account.
  12. Oct 19, 2009
  13. RobWin

    RobWin closed account

    Who knows?
    A Vault!
    Goldstream Casino has to be the absolute stupidest, most idiotic name for a casino I have ever heard!
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  14. Oct 19, 2009
  15. suzecat

    suzecat Dormant account


    Too much honesty (piss on ya) for me!:D
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  16. Oct 19, 2009
  17. maxd

    maxd Complaints (PAB) Manager Staff Member

    The PAB Guy
    FWIW, here's the Rogue Pit (our blacklist): link.

    And here's the Acerevenue Casinos page (Rebranded from Crystal Palace Group).
  18. Oct 19, 2009
  19. Kwasje

    Kwasje Dormant account

    Thx for Feedback people i appreciate this :thumbsup:!

    I confirm i made first deposit on this casino but not a freechip:)
  20. Oct 20, 2009
  21. Kwasje

    Kwasje Dormant account

    I wish i knew this site before i played unfortunately i didnt but this will never happen to me again because next time i will come here first:)

    Are there any players that are getting paid there ? most of them probably dont even know just like me , im not saying they dont pay anyone out maybe but Those rules are just BAD ive never experienced this before im glad i only made a small deposit

    So people NEVER deposit at GOLDSTREAM if u want to avoid problems like WITHDRAWING (more then 10 days pending and only 2500max a week and only 2 options available at firstsight ) and WAGERING RULES (just unprofesional) PAYOUTDEPARTMENT ( my 4 emails spread over a week they have never responded too and they claim it takes 1 business day for response)
    LIVECHAT(when i wanted to change my pending withdrawal amount to neteller they asked for my details not which details now what if i accidently gave my security iD?I think bye bye balance :) when i gave my iD he didnt even replied i had too wait and asked him/her myself if it was ok,, so if u like POOR SERVICE u must play here at GOLDSTREAM :notworthy
  22. Oct 29, 2009
  23. CK - Schalk

    CK - Schalk Dormant account

    Affiliate Manager
    Melbourne, Aus.
    I'm sorry, I can't pass this up.

    Play the Golden Shower Progressive now at Goldstream Casino - Urine for a treat!
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