River Nile took $770 from my account


Dormant account
Jun 25, 2003

I made a "pitch a bitch" a while ago.
I sent a few emails asking if my "bitch" had been recived but I have not heard anything.
Is Bryan busy at the momment?
It is fine if he is busy I just wanted to make sure my form had been received OK.

My complaint is that the River Nile casino took $770 from my account claiming I have taken advantage of the download bonus twice, when I have never done so.

I tried to sort it out with them.
They told me I would receive an email from their confiscations department the following day, but that was a few weeks ago now.

Any ideas as what my next step should be?

Hi Coulthard,

Yes, I have been VERY busy. I was out of town for 8 days so the "pitches" that people "bitched" were backlogged. Today is the day I will be sorting through them so have faith! I will get to yours.
This could be Manny at Gold Star group doing his customary stalling on payouts - he really likes to hold on to players' money as long as he can and Golden Riviera, River Nile, Golden Riviera-poker and Miami Paradise have acquired quite a slow pay reputation.
:) :)
Wow that was fast!!
I have just had an email from river nile saying they are sending me a cheque. :beer:
They also were supposed to have put some money back onto my credit card, but I could never find it.
The cheque they are sending me seemed to include that missing money as well.

Thanks Bryan, I do not know how you managed it, but you managed to get them to send me my money in a day when I spent ages talking to them and got nowhere.

Thanks again.

You're welcome :D

I'm about a third of the way through, there are still a number of outstanding issues.

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