Review of the new MG games (December).


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Dec 1, 2005
Note: This post is still being edited for grammer/spelling. Just want to post it before people start playing themself.

A new shipment of MG games has arrived only 2 weeks after MG released another bunch of new games. Guess they want to have a part of the spending frenzy going on in December and of course they had to release two Christmas related slots. MG allready has one really good Christmas-themed slot though 'Ho Ho Ho'. After months releases of crappy games at least the last shipment had some good and new slots. So lets see what we got this time.

Once again the release has no less than four 'new' video slots, one 3-reel slot and a BJ game. I will only review the video slots. Maybe a slot veteran like SlotsJunkie can tell us wether the 3-reel slots is a new one or a clone - and maybe a BJ player can say a few words about the new BJ game.

Crazy 80's:
9 line
Low/Medium variance
This is a 'Carnival' clone! Unbeliveable! And even more the minium bet size/line is 0.25$ while it is 0.01$ for the original. Pay more, play a fake.

This release does not deserve a review. But I have to mention it breaks my heart so see the 80's theme ruined this way. It still dwell in the 80's with some things and it could have hit me right on. But it did not. It is interestering that Rival recently also release a 80's theme slot. Did MG steal the idea? It could have been a very good theme though. The grahpics is very nice though and definately 80's but there could have been
a lot more of it - once again the 9TJQKA-symbols that could have completed the theme instead ruins it. At the symbols are not even styled 80's as they at least do sometimes.

Also the Carnival is one of the oldest 5-reel slots with no bonus/features. Not very exciting for todays video-slot players.

Inca Gold:
Low variance
20 lines

Another theme based upon ancient or old civilizations. These are normally good. I believe most slot players love the various egyptian theme slots and I agree - they are some of the best. But the mystery is not really there for this slot. First of all I did not like the graphics and the sound did not really help much. It is simply just missing the 'touch' - it is hard to explain. But at least the 9TJQKA symbols are 'styled'.

It is a new slot but it is very very close to last month 'Roman Empire' slot. It is a standard 3 scatter to start feature with a wild multiplier *2 and also *2 multiplier during the free spins. When you get the feature you get 5 free spins (cheap...) and 4 picks. Each pick are eigther a random award OR 10 additional free spins. Out of 16 picks I only found the additional free spins 3 times. All the other was the random award and in all situation they were between 2 to 8 * bet size. In 'Roman Empire' the award was always 10*bet size or 8 free spins.

The paytable says the random award CAN be up to 150*bet size, but even that that is not much for top prize. The paytable is low so you are not gonna win much during the free spins. I believe most feature win from this slot will be very low. 'Roman Empire' is the winner between these two with out a doubt. Please comment if you feel otherwise. And after playing this I wish I had played 'Roman Empire' instead.

Lady of the Orient:
Medium Variance
20 lines

The name of the slot also suggest the theme is vague. But the graphics is nice and the theme actually feels better than 'Inca Gold'. The intro movie is very short and nothing actually happens, but not many see those anyway. I guess I have to complain about the 9TJQKA symbols in every review. Wake up MG, the fully theme slots (Moonshine,Loaded) etc. are very popular.

This is a new slot with a new feature. The wild only appears and reels 2,3 and 4. And if you get all 3 wilds you get a 'pick and win' bonus game. The picking game is a waste of time. You have to reveal up to 6 prizes until 3 match. But since there only are 3 symbols that match, it does not matter how you pick - it is just an attempt to prolong the excitement and making the players blame themself for picking as they did. It is rare I like picking games, and this is not one of these sitiation. There are 3 of these bonus rounds and in every one you win between 4 and up to 50 times your bet size from what I saw. Of course you win the *4 bet size most often.

The other feature is the standard 15 freespins with *3 multiplier when you hit 3 or more scatters. This can be retriggered.

The problem with this slot is that I miss the wild on all 5 reels. Getting the 5-wilds is one of the ultimate goals I have when playing 5-reel slots. And not being able to do so makes this a lesser slot in my eyes. However this is just my personal preferences. I can imagine some people will like this slot like they did with 'Twin Samurai'. I critized 'Twin Samurai' for the same reasons as this.

Santa Paws:
Medium Variance
20 lines

It is not a clone, but close. It is Avalon with a new pay-table. 'Avalon' is one of my favorite slots and I will still play 'Avalon' instead of this.

The intro movie is very good actually. But the christmas theme is a little odd. A polar bear as Santa and a killer whale as one of his Raindeers.

The graphics are lovely but why the 9JQKTA? Not only because of this do I find 'Ho Ho Ho' the better of these christmas themed slots. The sound/samples are also stolen from 'Avalon' except for the spinning sound. 'Ho Ho Ho' also had better christmas themed sounds. People that know 'Ho Ho Ho' and want to find the christmas mood will prefer that compared to this new one. I estimate this slot will be forgotten right after christmas and people will still remember 'Ho Ho Ho' as THE christmas slot.

I burned all my 50$ deposit on this slot while almost breaking even on the other 3 slots. I played about 400 spins and never hit the free spins, so basically this slot teared me a new one. Merry X-mass!

At least I am used to getting disappointed when playing the new MG slots lately. It is easy for me to just criticize the slot. Therefore I plan to start a thread later with ideas for new feature/mechanics and what to do and not to do when designing new slots. Maybe MG or any other casino software company can use some of the ideas that thread will spawn. RTG seems capable of making new slots and almost every slot has a unique mechanic. If other software companies lack the imagination - we better help them :)

My favorite MG slots
#1 Isis
#2 Mega Moolah
#2 Avalon
#3 Loaded
#4 Thunderstruck
#5 Mad Hatters
#6 Moonshine
#7 Harvey's

Earlier reviews:

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I don't even feel like I need to play the slots; the reviews give me a good idea of what they're all about. You've saved me a bundle over the past few months.

By the way, I like TJQKA.
Win 3760 after 12 free spins
Not much of a win for a $2 spin x 12 free spins and it is supposed to be a tripler in there???.......hmmm..but if one is lips are sealed...:D
I think... i like Santa Paws slots
Now thats a purty win :D , not that yours wasn't handkey, but a win like Sodax77 would make me more happy for the amount of investment lol...:thumbsup:
Thanks Zoozie!

Played Inca Gold and found it nice (no wonder, i hit the feature twice and it doubled my bankroll)
I found it a bit irritating that the number of free spins is not given in the rules. Or is it random?
On my second feature i hit the free spins only once at the third level, and back to the game screen it was 30 freespins.

maybe next time Zoozie can publish a review before MG releases new games -or do we have to wait til April 1st?
But the idea is charming, no??
Can someone remind me:

"high" variance means less wins, bigger values and "low" is more wins, lower values right?
I didn't win a whole lot since my bet was only $.60. The feature hit within 15 spins for me. What I like about this particular bonus round is the multipler changes. It went as high as 6X during my free spins. Sometimes 3X or 4X.
A follow-up to my post. I tried all the new games and won't be revisiting any of them. After the initial free spins I never hit it again. I went through my bankroll and left with no Christmas spirit. :eek:

Moonshine is one of my favorite MG slots. Picking for the bonus spins can be hair raising at times. A couple of times I have picked the one that says free spins over or whatever first! Yikes I hate that but overall it is a fun slot and as Zoozie says I like the fact they carry the theme on all reels. Using the 10JQKA is okay but I prefer slots like Moonshine.
Thats the way I read it, higer variance = bigger swings, lower variance = smaller wins more often.

High variance = lot of huge ups and downs on your bankroll
Low variance = bankroll much more stable.

Cabin Fever/Ho Ho Ho are low variance slots
Isis is high variance.

BJ is a very low variance game. After 100 games you bankroll will normally
be very close to your starting point which is not the case for slots etc.

Santa paws stinks!

As some of you may know I am going cold Turkey at the mo,
speaking of Turkeys.
Just tried Santa paws in free play and hit the spins 1 time in 1000 spins!
the penguin on the first reel didnt even appear for around 100 spins at one stage!
Did'nt hit 5 of a kind once!
If that had been real money I would of lost 200 in shortish time playing only 45p a spin.
It is a shame because graphically it is cute but I would'nt go near it with real money.
The only possible way you could win on this slot is by hitting the free spins very early and coming straight off, hardly an appertising prospect.
If this is Microgamings idea of a Christmas gift then I expect them to be haunted very soon!
Tried them all last night (well, except Crazy 80's which looks boring as hell). Had a couple of decent hits, but overall got bored with the tinny "click-click" feel to them so went back to ISIS and Tstruck. And lost. I'd say the Xmas one "felt" the best of the bunch though I hit sod-all. But it's just Avalon with bells on :)
Tried them all last night (well, except Crazy 80's which looks boring as hell). Had a couple of decent hits, but overall got bored with the tinny "click-click" feel to them so went back to ISIS and Tstruck. And lost. I'd say the Xmas one "felt" the best of the bunch though I hit sod-all. But it's just Avalon with bells on :)

"Christmas" bells on, to be exact :D

Just had a play with my 32RED bonus (Cheers Pat!) and managed to burn through in no time! Hit the feature on Santa Paws too for about fifty quid off a 2.00 spin... Seems fun enough! I like the Inca one too - I'm into this bonus round where you get prizes and free spins... Very RTG!

Having a bit of a downward spiral balance wise recently -- wherever I play it seems!!! Simmo - you've nicked all my good karma!!! :D
Just tried Santa paws in free play.
The only possible way you could win on this slot is by hitting the free spins very early and coming straight off, hardly an appertising prospect.
If this is Microgamings idea of a Christmas gift then I expect them to be haunted very soon!

Too true. I hit three free spin features almost in succession in my first 10 spins. Took me up to 100 as I only ever play 2p a line. :)

I like the graphics though. Very bright compared to the washed out look of the other two new slots.
I liked Santa Paws, but only after I hit the free spins :) It's kinda like ISIS that way! I hate ISIS unless I get the free spins and then it makes me happy again.
Just noticed you can bet up to 200 per spin on the "lady of the orient" new slot!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Is this the most online?

Nope, some of the new(and a few older) crypto slots has a 500 max. There are also a few RTG slots with a $500 max bet.

MGS introduced the 200 ($200) spin with the release of Cabin Fever. Munchkins will go to 75, while many others will go upto the 30 to 45 range. I expect these are the default maxima, many casinos bring these down, especially Roxy Group.

MG casinos have far bigger bets on the tables, with max chip of 500 at Blackjack and 200 at 3 card poker (which is 400/600 bet if playing the pair+ as well - 400 if you fold and 600 to play)

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