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Here is a new review - not a Baptism by Fire review


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Jun 30, 1998
New review posted this week: :thumbsup:
Future Play Casino review

It's a property owned and operated by Dama N.V. and has a pretty good assortment of games. Please read the review and let us know what you think. Sorry no UK, AUS, nor US :(
Can i find the casino to register there with google search if i type 'future play casino'? Have no access to this forum from office computer..
FuturePlay does in fact accept Aussies 🇦🇺
I can speak from experience

Yeah - I guess most folks have forgotten that several years ago I was personally approached face to face in London by the head of the ACMA, who told me that they would be going after not only operators who take Aussie bets, but affiliates who promote them as well.

So for a casino to be touting that they are taking AUS bets - well there are moles here in this forum, I know that for a fact - and it would be VERY unwise for them to admit that here. There are some operators and affiliate managers who never plan to visit Australia, so they don't care if they put their untouchable businesses in jeopardy. But I care that affiliates should know this - affiliates and advertisers CAN be stopped at passport control and be denied entry, and arrested and be charged with a criminal offence.

So no - they don't take Aussie bets - especially from here.

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