Review of the new (just one) MG 5-reel slot (September).


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Dec 1, 2005
This month I have a very easy job. MG had planned to release two new slots this month, but during the month MG declared that one of them has been delayed. This slot was called 'Mega Moolah' and is a completely new kind of slot with 4 different progressive jackpots. Not much information is know about it, but I have posted what I know about it here:

I really do hope it will be ready next month, because the waiting time is a living hell for slot maniacs.

Chocolate Factory:
Low variance slot
9 lines

This is just a clone of "Big Kahuna" with same paytable and reels, the symbols just have other graphics. What a disappointment!

The graphics are excellent - state of the art as usual from MG. The samples also live up to my expectation. However the theme is very childish with no hidden 'adult' intepretations which was the case in 'Cashanova' etc. So it is pretty boring. Why are MG making themes that appeal to minors which they can not play the slots anyway(for money at least)? I definately prefer more adult themes like 'Loaded' and 'Moonshine' etc. or something mysterious as 'Isis' or just bad-ass dude like Thor in 'Thunderstruck. 'Mad Hatters' was also from children literature but at least it is damn funny and crazy.

Also the theme is about food which has also been used a lot recently in 'Harveys', 'Wasabi San' and partly is most others actually. Always lots of eatable symbols. Maybe this is a historic left-over from the original 'fruit slots'. I do not mind this though, just noticing.

So far this slot has only been avaliable at "The Palace Group" casinos and for some reason the minimum coin-size is 0.05$ instead of the normal 0.01$. I hope this will change. There is no reason to play at higher limit since it is just a clone of an existing slot really. Also I do not like this clone since there is no free spins or wierd features on the reels, just the usual picking bonus rounds and blame yourself afterwards.
Edit: It has now also been released at 32Red and also with the 0.05 minimum limit :(

This is the worst month for MG 5-reel slots releases in the last year. A clone of an existing and also very old and boring slot. MG really have to suck up next month with that 'Mega Moolah' :)

My favorite MG slots are still('Dolphin Tale' did not make it):
#1 Isis
#2 Avalon
#3 Loaded
#4 Thunderstruck
#5 Mad Hatters
#6 Harvey's
#7 Moonshine

Earlier reviews:

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Sorry microgaming but charley and the chocolate factory knockoff (1 or 2 years too late) gets the coveted 5 yawns. Jeez, when I saw the update coming up I was expecting something new, not Big Kahuna with new pictures you get a big thumbs down and a really big hiss.
If I wanted to play Big Kahuna, I would just play friggin Big Kahuna!!! Enough with the clones!!!!!! Get someone designing these games with a bit of freakin imagination or don't bother at all! Even I could clone old games.. pay me to do it.. I'll charge less.
Yeah - I say don't release games if they are just a rip-off of old games. It makes me want to play at other casinos.

I have mentioned this over and over to these guys, but they still do it. Their marketing team much think that new games help them out no matter if they are not new :(

Problem is - Threads like this will surface month after month making Microgaming look like a bunch of marketing idiots.

Release the new Progressive and NOTHING ELSE next time - because that is ALL most of us want to see anyway!
Just adding my 2 cents. That Chocolate Factory is downright CREEPY!!! Who wants to look at those weird kids faces and spend money doing it?? It's plain wrong. And you are right about asking, why would an adult casino make childlike games? Brrrrrrr leaves me cold.
chocolate doesn't discriminate.

plus pedophiles are people too.
New theme for slot?

I'm inspired by this thread.. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang slot with a "Childcatcher" bonus prehaps?
I know there is sarcasm in the recent posts, but....

Pedophile jokes are extremely distastefull. To make light of this abhorrent behavior only renders us de-sensitized to what is a real, disgusting sect of society.

Sorry - getting angry. Post done.
The slot is avaliable at "Trident Entertainment Group" now.

I am still waiting for the new progressive jackpots -- 'Mega Moolah'
It showed up at Vegas Country last night and I agree -- very boring. Why bother?

It's funny that there are certain slots that I never play ... their graphics or sound effects are boring. Then there are the ones that I am drawn to every time I play -- tops for me is Thunderstruck. I just love the sound effects and 'breeze' when Thor shows up, and the Rams. Am I the only one who hears them say 'help me' when they show up? :confused: Listen next time.. see if you hear it.

Oh and I love the evil bunnies on Halloweenies but don't like the regular symbols because they are too similar to each other.
This one is creepy and sucks big time!!!! A pretty poor effort. I hope their next releases are better...

What they need to do is create some games that are a little more realistic. Too many food themes and symbols....enough already!!!!

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