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Dec 1, 2005
Supe it up:
Very high variance slot
25 lines

This is an 'Isis' clone with SAME paytable and reels. Graphics is good, but it still has the 9TJQKA symbols. The sounds (samples) are good quality but too repetitive and boring. The 2 secs drum sequence repeated during the free spins together with the *CLICK* *CLICK* *CLICK* each time a reel stops is not relaxing or exciting, which I except during the free spins.

Isis is my favorite slot, but I do not need another theme over the same slot. And the Isis theme is a lot better. 'Supe it up' tries to be a cool looking slot with some pimp cars, but it can not compete with 'Loaded'. 'Loaded' was a good 'complete' good theme. I will never play this again and I am sure all other 'Isis' fans will stick with 'Isis'.

Bars & Stripes:
Low variance slot
30 lines

This is a new MG slots at least.
The scatters does not give anything but the win. Very boring....

The graphics did not excite me. It is not that bad, but it just does not compare to 'Mad Hatters', 'Loaded' or 'Harveys' etc. The American theme is decent and it does not have the 9TJQKA symbols that MG believe is a part of every theme.

The feature comes when you get 3 or more hats. You then get to select some of them exactly as in 'Mad Hatters', but the hats in 'Bars & Stripes' do not need to be adjacent at least. I never managed to get 4 or 5 hats. But for 3 hats the wins were very often low and in the range of 1 to 5 times bet-size. A few times one of the hats had 40*bet size (But I missed it 4 or 5 times when selecting one of the 3 hats). Generally I do not like slots where you have to pick something unless there is no random element in it. (Like 'Loaded' or 'Mad Hatters' free spin game)

5 wild pays 5000 which is not much. Highest non-wild pays only 600 coins.
The lowest pay symbols only pay 20,25 and 30 for 5 symbols! This is an extremely boring paytable especially as there is no free-spin mode with multiplier. Wild does double win though. I have a hard time to see how the pays of this slot can add up to the 95% standard for MG slots, but I guess a lot of the payout% comes from the hats. I got 3 hats often and they made up for about 18 out of my 20 highest wins. Maybe 4 or 5 hats pay more.

It is very boring to basically only play to get the hats. I miss the free spin mode or something else.

I will never play this slot again.

My favorite MG slots are still:
#1 Isis
#2 Avalon
#3 Loaded
#4 Thunderstruck
#5 Mad Hatters
#6 Harvey's

Edit: Once again stupid Zoozie pressed the 'Bet Max' button by mistake.
Does that only happen to me? I see it as bad business ethics that MG put
this sucker button on every slot.

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A few other changes cropped up too: the "Expert Mode" menu and panel in Supe Em Up is now along the bottom of the screen - I missed it initially. Lol. Also I see in ISIS you can now mouse-over the coins to get the amount displayed as cash - yay! But not in Supe Em Up - boo :(

Also, in the Flash version of Thunderstruck (didnt check the dl version) some of the sounds have changed - most notably the one where you get a win doubled with Thor. Interesting.
I couldn't resist and spun Stars and Stripes about 10 times for 25 cents and hit something for $50 (200x bet). I was playing poker and didn't see it, I just noticed my balance was bigger one time when I went to click spin again. Playcheck doesn't show the spin results (maybe there is a delay or something?).
Crap, I'm not liking these two new slots at all.

Got absolutely zip on Supe It Up and when the bonus round finally made an appearance on Stars and Stripes, I picked a hat and got a measly $3 on a $1 (I think) bet. :mad:

No difference in luck at three casinos.

I really dislike the 'silent' speaker on Supe It Up. Instead of getting a sound when you receive one of the three symbols (car speakers) it just goes quiet. Bugs me to no end.

Hope others have better luck.
Wow could these games suck any more?

I went for the free spins on supe it up until I realized that even if I hit 5 scatters the chances of getting a decent win during the 30 free spins were slim to none.

I agree how can these slots possibly pay ~95%, seems more like 85% or less.
i played both new slots. I hade no free spins, no good wins.
100 Euro lost in a few minutes.
So i never play them again. I like slots, but the new ones no!
threw in 50 dollars @ supe it up, and after 20 spins of absolutely nothing I got the free spins (20@6x). I was really excited, considering I got 3800 coins at the first spin. I finished getting nearly 10.000 coins - and I consider that a good result NOT, at 6x...

Switched back to loaded and cashed out 100$ - July has seen way too many deposits and NO withdrawals :(

I was not impressed overall - slot theme seems to be a bit weak... Loaded is going to remain the first money-sucker in my list.

My favourites:

- Loaded
- Cashanova
- Moonshine
- WorldCup
Tried the new games last night.

Bars and Stripes -- most hits were very weak, returning far less than half my bet. I did finally hit 5 of something (I forget now what) for around $20 and bumped my bet up to $1 per spin. Got the hats bonus and won something like $10. (I hate games where you have to pick, because I'm consistently lousy at it). Gave it a few more spins and got the hats again, luckily I chose one with 10,000 coins ($100). (Yay!) After that the game went totally dead. I thought the graphics are cool, but it won't be one of my favorite games.

Supe it Up -- hates me as bad as Isis. I did however, hit 3 speakers for the bonus round, then had a retrigger halfway through (I HATE when that happens). I didn't hit squat, ending up with only $10 - $15 return for a 50 cent bet despite the 6x multiplier and the retrigger (40 spins total). Don't think I'll play this one again. Again, the graphics are very good but I don't look forward to getting beaten up when I play and won't be playing this one.

I had deposited $50, turned it into $150, and cashed out. Hey, don't laugh! Profit is profit. :p

I really think MG should rethink this schedule of releasing new games every month if all they're doing is reskinning existing games with new graphics. I mean... what's the point?
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Mousey said:
I really think MG should rethink this schedule of releasing new games every month if all they're doing is reskinning existing games with new graphics. I mean... what's the point?
Agree 100%! :thumbsup:
We've got enough slots already MG - how about spending a fraction of your development time putting right all the little errors & niggles on the EXISTING slots???? :what:
Mousey said:
I had deposited $50, turned it into $150, and cashed out. Hey, don't laugh! Profit is profit. :p

I'm not laughing. I deposited $20 and cashed out $50. I had too many sessions last month where I built $25 and $50 deposits up to $200 - $350 only to lose it clearing a wagering requirement (and how stupid is that when you don't even have to clear the WR under EZBonus?).

I played Supe it Up after apparently hitting the 5 scatters on Stars and Stripes. Most wins were for 2 or 4 cents (25 cent bets). I figured even if I hit the bonus round, 6X 2 cents would just be a disappointment. Fortunately I didn't hit the bonus to experience that, and decided to take my money elsewhere.
Both of the new slots feel as if they are only half completed. Its like they forgot the finishing touches which I keep looking for...what in the world were they thinking making stars and stripes so totally blah ,after the few good ones that were recently put out?...totally boring effects and play on both new games...Will play around in fun mode only...payouts are ridiculous for the amount needed to invest.
Yup I'm starting to think maybe it's time MG revisited some of the older "tired" games and re-invented them in a similar way to how they did with Golden Goose. They made older games more fun and, okay, one or two of the features (like the walking goose) were boring but they worked for a while. And they raised my anticipation more than recent games have done. In fact, of all the 2006 games, I think the only one I revisit now is ISIS, or maybe occasionally Avalon.

I'd like to see a return to the cash display 9-line slots like Tstruck...maybe an upgrade to that model tweaking the free spins to 4x. better still, taking Tombraider and tweaking that into a 9 line slot - I always felt it had the strength to compete, 'til you realise even the decent wins are only paying 7 - 15 times your stake. That could be rectified making it a 9-liner.

They ought to canvass users for the best bits from all the games, and the worst bits, and use the feedback to improve some of the old games now. Learn from the experience of the newer games and use it to improve the overall quality rather than quantity.
i didnt want to open a new thread for this question because of some hate to the new MG stuff, but....

are MG totally re-inventing themselves to get in competition with playtech and RTG? (seeing as the new blackjack and the new video slots have a different navigation menu)
Simmo! said:
Yup I'm starting to think maybe it's time MG revisited some of the older "tired" games and re-invented them in a similar way to how they did with Golden Goose.

They did that last month with major millions multi-play.. whatever they call it. I think it's time to just make new games, if the lowly RTG can come out with something different I think microgaming can too.
Supe it up is nothing like ISIS, I think they have tightened this game up, no where near the scatters or wilds and the losing streaks are extreme!!! This is a money hoover.

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