RED DOG new game at 3Dice!


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Jan 16, 2005
Hi all :)

I see that everyone missed the other new game that is out at 3Dice.
RED DOG is a card game....

That's about all i can tell you about it. I have to admit...i hate cards......:rolleyes:

But im sure that there's alot of players that love cards.
So if you play it...please post here :)
Maybe i can learn something too :Read:

(((HUGS))) Trollet


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Oct 9, 2006
Im not sure if RedDog is a popular game or not, if it is and you already know how to play, you dont need to read this LOL.

The game looks kind of fun but I think its gonna be one of those games that has high variance to it.

THere are 3 spaces for cards. The dealer puts one card on the left and one card on the right, leavign the middle empty. There is a little red dog that runs to this table above that has every number/pic of all the cards. But not all suits..It has Ace,2,3, etc... one time. The object of the game is to bet whether your card (the middle one) will fall between the 2 cards up.

If the card on the left (our left) is a 3 and the card on the right is an 8, you bet whether the middle card will be between 3 and 8. If its even , its a push, if you get 4-7 you win. If both cards on the end are the same, its a tie. There is also a bonus bet, that means you get money for pairs, three of a kind etc....

The red dog lands on a number which has odds and what you get paid if you win. Its a little confusing to write this, your better off playing in fun mode to get the feel.

My Opinion: I love this game, infact it may be my new favorite. I will probably play it more on tournies because it does require a bankroll that i dont have to win a significant amount. Its kind of like let it ride odds type of game but I love it. Im a sucker for those type of games lol.


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Aug 2, 2007
Port St lucie Florida
Reminds me of the game Hi/ Lo we use to play in our home poker games. :D


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Jul 24, 2006
only raise when there are eight or more cards in the spread, not including the upcards. because eight means it's more likely than not to draw a card in between the two shown. it's just like war but a touch more complicated.



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Jun 11, 2006
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The game looks kind of fun but I think its gonna be one of those games that has high variance to it.
Standard deviation per hand is 1.50, assuming the game is single deck. This is a similar variance to 100-hand Jacks or Better or Pontoon. It's far less variance than slot games, including slots that we call "low variance."