Question for members who have used Casinomeisters PAB service.


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Sep 10, 2008
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I have a question for people who have used the websites pab service. How on earth do you remain calm and focused? I have a pab in progress and really over the past 3 days its all i've been thinking about.
I haven't slept properly and I can't stop thinking about the great sense of injustice. Its just dominating my thought. Frome a great sense of elation to downright dejection and disbelief. I mean I know my case in the hands of an impartial person but I'm bloody miserable. I am just absouley miserable and seething at the same time.

If you look in winners screenshots, I hit a £1000 win on a £2 bet at goldenlounge lastnight. Normally I would have been on top of the world after a win like that but it was just me all meh because the problem i'm having with a casino is just dominating my mine. Even getting paid this morning (thanks 32 red for the very fast payout) I was down in the dumps.

Do any kind forum members have any suggestions? I mean I have been thinking about takking a break and quitting gambling once my situation is resolved because its awful feeling like this. I can now see why some members rant and rave in the forum complaints section when they fel they have been cheated out of genuine winnings.

Obviously I can't go into detail as to what the pab is about as I don't want to jeorpadize it. I will tell you something though. Some casinos are very good at being judge, jury and Executioner. So do any forum members have any tips while I wait?
Thanks guys. :)

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Nov 1, 2005
Sometimes a PAB can be resolved in a short period of time; other times it takes longer. You must prepare mentally for it to take longer. I had nearly $40,000 tied up in a dispute (the Heroes Casino fiasco) that Bryan and Maxd were able to resolve in a short period of time (the casino software provider actually paid me and dropped Heroes Casino as a client).

You just have to have faith in Bryan and Maxd to do their work. They have years of experience and clout to work with both the players and the casinos to resolve the issues. Don't keep posting about the issue too, directly or indirectly as that doesn't help the process.


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Dec 20, 2009
Sorry -- you just have to let it go and focus on something else. Go play at another accredited site.

Let the process work. If *anyone* can help you with it, its Bryan and Max. If they can't -- then you are done.

Just let go -- life is TOO SHORT to let something like this consume you. Believe me, on a personal note, I struggle with this too. If something is wrong, dang it, I want it made right. I hang on and work it to death. But that's not healthy.

Take a deep breath, go do something else and let time go by while they work on it on your behalf. You can't do it on your own.

Also don't pester Max/Bryan (not implying that you are....) they are very busy, but they always follow through on these. It may not be as quick as you like, but they will get resolution one way or the other.



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Jan 20, 2004
Good advice given here. Sorry to say pinsnpies but it takes as long as it takes. There's not much you or I can do to change that. Find something else to occupy you mind and before you know it it'll be a done thing.


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Oct 20, 2010
I know exactly how you feel. I have one going right now also but I just think that the best path to take is listening to those that are trying to help you like Max and Bryan.
If they tell you not to post or pester the casino then don't. It is similar to going to a Doctor and getting advice. You would be wise to follow that advice as it is what is best for you. If you don't follow the advice then the doctor really cannot help you properly.
So, while I do think about it, I just trust the process and don't obsess about it all day as it is out of my hands at this point.


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Mar 23, 2007
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Good advice guys. Thanks. :thumbsup:

I'd look at it this way.. where would you be if there wasn't a PAB system? These guys rarely fail at recovery if all of your info is accurate. Like meeting with a lawyer, you should never leave any detail out when using PAB. The last thing a lawyer wants in court is a surprise, and then have to take you out to the hallway and say "Why didn't you mention..."

So yeah, I can see how your nerves are on overload, and as far as walking away from the industry, that's a bit premature, no? Let's see how it works out for you first. Only then can you analyze what you think about the outcome.

- Keith


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Jul 1, 2005
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Yeah its good that the PAB service exists, as there aren't many other alternatives and its helpful most of the time. And it might be a good suggestion to stop playing online casinos for a while if its too hard to handle. This industry is unregulated and there are a lot of corrupt casinos out there, so its not for the risk averse.


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Jul 26, 2005
Write off the money and forget about it. Then if you end up being paid it, consider it a bonus (no pun intended)

I would then be very careful about who you deposit money with in the future.
I have zero tolerance for slow pays and casinos mucking me about.
Casinos should not be congratulated for doing something they are supposed to do anyway - pay out promptly. That's like wanting credit for not having gone to jail.

My recommendation is play at 32red. If I win there I know I am getting it and it's always the next day. Also problems/gripes I have had with them I felt I was actually listend to and my points taken on board rather than the usual "yes we will pass on your comments" rubbish and then they are of course ignored.


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Jun 5, 2006
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To the OP, I know how it feels - we had a big one ($34K) going on for awhile, and it's really hard to just wait and be patient. But Max and Bryan eventually got ours sorted and yours will be too. (April 9th - the win) (April 22nd - the check)

It seemed like it took *forever* but really it was only a couple of weeks.