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Feb 16, 2023
Hello, I want to share a terrible experience I had with Playbetr, an online gambling platform. I had been using Playbetr for a while and had deposited BTC. I had been betting on NBA games, one of the biggest sports markets in the world, and had won some bets. I was expecting to withdraw my winnings when I suddenly received an email on January 3rd, 2023 from Playbetr, accusing me of fraudulent actions and terminating my account. They also suspended my payouts, but offered to return my deposit.

I was shocked by this email and reached out to Playbetr immediately, asking for an explanation. However, I received no reply for over a month, despite sending multiple emails and trying to contact them via live chat. Whenever I tried to speak to them through live chat, I was told to email for more information. I found this very frustrating, especially since Playbetr claims to be very transparent and fair in its dealings with customers.

What's more, I have seen similar complaints from other customers on forums, who have had their accounts closed without any explanation or evidence. This made me wonder how transparent and fair Playbetr really is.

I was accused of several fraudulent actions, including syndicate play or collusion with other players, match fixing, late betting, development of strategies aimed at unfaithful winnings or advantage play, which is detrimental to their business, arbitrage/corridor betting, use of forking services, use of surebet or valuebet services or steam chasing, fraudulent actions against other online casinos or payment providers, chargeback procedures with a credit card or denial of some payments made, other types of cheating, providing incorrect information about personal data during registration, being known to have gone bankrupt in the country of my residence, suspicion of money laundering or funds having been obtained by illegal activity, and use of a device, bot or software to place bets or interfere with any transactions occurring at

However, I know for a fact that I did not engage in any of these actions. All I had been doing was betting on NBA games, which is a completely legitimate activity. NBA is a top sports league in the world, and it has huge limits on every known sportsbook. There is no way to cheat on these markets, and I find it ridiculous that I was accused of cheating without any evidence or explanation.

I am willing to do anything to get this sorted out. I have seen other users contact Curacao courts and lawyers, and I am willing to take similar steps if necessary. I refuse to let Playbetr get away with scamming innocent players for no reason. I have provided proof of my withdrawal requests, screenshots of the bets I won on Playbetr, and a video of me trying to access my account after receiving the emails. I hope that Playbetr will finally respond to my emails and provide an explanation for why they closed my account.

My deposits and winnings total 0.85: $20,000 Thank you for taking the time to read my story.
From what I see Playbetr has an unverified Curacao 365/JAZ sub-license. IF their license is legit -- they're supposed to provide a verification link -- then that's not great news because many (but not all) 365/JAZ licensees operate in the grey zone, so to speak. Sometimes they'll treat players decently but sometimes it's a horror show.

If they are lying about their license then you'll probably get exactly what you'd expect from an unlicensed, rogue operation: pain.

Anyway, technicalities aside, it sounds like you need some help trying to get this resolved. You've come to the right place, starting here: How to submit a Player Arbitration (PAB) Ticket - Casinomeister Forum .

Of course I'm being a bit cheeky, you could go to any decent ADR service for assistance, though we're one of the better places to choose if I do say so myself. As it happens Casinomeister was the first in the business to offer dispute resolution way back in 2001, a model which many have copied I should say, but I digress. Anyway, I've been doing the Player Complaints thing here at CM for roughly 15 years and would be happy to offer my assistance.

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If they are lying about their license then you'll probably get exactly what you'd expect from an unlicensed, rogue operation: pain.

Even better, they have “365/JAZ issued to CURACAO eGAMING“ but a Gaming Curacao logo at the footer. They’re not even lying correctly.

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