Play7777 not fair, 3000e deleted.


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Nov 17, 2016
I use the bonus on first deposit in Play7777, receives a bonus, and began playing the

creature black of lagoon and win big win about 3000e, after this win I changed ge on Wild

Rockets, Elements and Reel Rush, I always play max bet 5e in Spin.

Max bet/stake when playing with bonus is 0.50 EUR per betline with a total maximum of

5.00 EUR per Spin.

They block my account and confiscate money and gives stupid reason after 4 days.

regarding the account block this was done due to irregular game play (playing multiple

games at the same time and exceeding the max. bet by using multiple games at the same

time) and on behalf of our bonus terms u changed the game after a big win which is only

valid when u change to a similar game, actually u got the win on creature of the black

lagoon which is a 20 liner to wild rockets which is a 720 line game and therefore totally


This is the cheapest and most foolish answer which I have ever heard, he never broke the

rules, because it is not in the rules prohibited allowed to play several games at the

same time, Such a provision does not exist, why the casino does not apply its own rules?

Creature black of lagon not is totally different, it is also a slot.
after that there is no provision in the rules that does not allow for such a way of


The casino is not fair and closes the account only because he reached the big win.


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Apr 9, 2012
Republic Of West Yorkshire
So you cant change to a different style of game?
So if you play Gonzo, then you would have to play all symbol fall games.
Thats a new one on me.

And very professional using "u" in the emails


Dormant account
Nov 17, 2016
after writing a complaint in several places, Casino unlock my account, and pays all money from my casino accout.

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