Be Aware won't discuss player complaints


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Jan 20, 2004
In the pursuit of a recent PAB regarding non-payment of $25,000+ at Pinnacle ( we received the following after several attempts to raise the issue with them:

Please note all our customers concerns are reviewed with the utmost care, and if the customer is still not satisfied they are always free to contact our licensor to further escalate their issue.

In other words "talk to the hand".

As it happens, the same is in their Terms, section 21: Complaints:

7. The Customer has the right to lodge a complaint with one of our licensing bodies should all efforts to resolve a dispute to the Customer's satisfaction have failed..
Customers being provided with the service from Pinbet Malta Ltd can escalate their complaint to [email protected]. Customers being provided with the service from Ragnarok Corporation N.V should, contact Curaçao Internet Gaming Association and/or the Department of Judicial Affairs of Curaçao.

Be Aware: if you've got problems with your only recourse is to take it to their licensor. In the case of the MGA you have a good chance at a fair hearing. Not so with Curacao. Either way we can't help you because they won't let us.

It's worth mentioning that Curacao has never been responsive to player complaints: it's just a big black hole. Pinnacle certainly knows this. To say "take it to Curacao" is simply being dismissive. Potential customers need to decide for themselves if that's the level of service they're comfortable with.
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