Be Aware VirginGames won't discuss player complaints, but they'll happily waste your time


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Jan 20, 2004
We had a UK player come to us recently with an self-exclusion issue: they had registered on Gamstop and had previously self-excluded themselves from Virgin but VirginGames ( had let them re-register, deposit and lose without asking for any documents or making any mention of the Gamstop block. Eventually the casino got around to closing the player's account, citing the self-exclusion, but no deposits were returned. The player initiated a complaint at the casino but got nowhere with it. That's when they came to us.

We tried to raise the issue with the casino and got no response. We pressed on and finally received this statement from them:
In order to address the issue any further, we would kindly ask that you get the aforementioned person you are representing to contact us directly, as we would need an official confirmation from them that they are wanting there to be communication between us and yourself, at

I contacted the player who immediately sent the requested statement to the casino people -- as well as a current photo with ID that was also requested -- and CC'd me in on it. Still no reply from the casino regarding the case.

I then asked the casino if we could proceed with the player's case given that the requested confirmation had been sent as directed. The casino replied to say they hadn't received anything and would not be able to discuss the case until they did. I printed the player's confirmation email and photo as a PDF and sent that to the casino asking could we now proceed and if not then why not.

The statement we got back from the casino was that the player must now follow the Complaints procedure specified in the Terms, in other words they must contact the designated ADR.

In the beginning VirginGames did cooperate on player complaints but years ago the legal dweebs took over and it was then 100% talk-to-the-hand. Fair enough, if that's their choice then fine but stringing everyone along with the "we would need an official confirmation" BS and then completely ignoring all that to revert to the usual "follow the Terms" thing is just scummy time-wasting.

BE AWARE: VirginGames will not discuss player cases and is happy to employ all manner of time-wasting tactics to frustrate the player's attempts to have their issue dealt with. The player's only option is to follow the process the casino proscribes, namely that given in the Terms. The casino will not discuss the player's issue with an ADR of the player's choice.
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