WARNING PayNoRake: endless stalling = players not paid.


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Problems with PayNoRake (paynorake.com) came to light when we received a Pitch-A-Bitch (PAB) from a player who had not received withdrawals totalling $11,000. Apparently he had been waiting five months for these withdrawals and for the last two months PayNoRake had stopped responding to his emails.

We received and submitted the PAB to PNR mid-February. Since then all we've heard from them is "player must be patient", and "payments will be sent shortly". Their primary excuse being that they were "recently acquired" and that that is delaying payments. When pressed they have no plan or schedule for when players can expect to be paid. We took the PAB to them almost six weeks ago and the player reports they have heard nothing from PNR in that time including, of course, no payments. On top of this PNR Support says "we can't discuss player cases" and that the "player must contact us directly". Of course the player has been trying to do so for several months and that obviously isn't working so well.

Speaking of "not working" something is seriously amiss with PNR's Support process: every time you submit an email to them they issue you a new case number and then promptly close the case! No further communications are received, nor an explanation as to why the case has been closed without notice. When asked they simply said "that's how we do it" and returned to silence.

WARNING: PayNoRake (paynorake.com) is stalling player payments with lame excuses, the bottom line being that payments are not being issued even after as long as six (6) months. In addition they refuse to discuss player cases. Players are advised to avoid PayNoRake with extreme prejudice.
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