Be Aware Osiris Casino enforces punitive Terms, unfairly confiscating player balances


Complaints (PAB) Manager
Staff member
Jan 20, 2004
A prolonged case investigation by
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has revealed that Osiris Casino has been engaged in some very dodgy practices including Terms which applied "max bet" rules to non-bonus play, punitive confiscations under said rule, repeatedly refusing to discuss player complaints, ignoring their jurisdictional responsibilites by simply changing jurisdictions, etc.

At the time of occurrence Osiris casino were licensed in Malta. After review by the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA) it was determined that the terms used to justify non-payment of this player are likely unenforceable under EU law. The MGA has instructed the operator to pay this player. The operator has declined to do so.

Since the point this complaint was submitted this group have turned in their MGA and shifted to a Curacao license. They continue to apply and enforce this term under their new license. (
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Be Aware: Osiris Casino has and continues to act in hostile manner toward their players and the monies those players have on deposit. Since they have shifted their license to a jurisdiction that does not enforce compliance to reasonable practice players would be wise to look elsewhere for their casino services.