Ontario operators? (Licensed)

Casinomeister.ca lists the Accredited Casinos that take bets from Ontario.
yup they are not working, put on a deposit to try them and they don't work at the moment, sigh.

sorry to hear and thank you for the update. might explain why i can't see either Buffalo or Gold Stacks. I can however see Timber Wolf and Wicked Winnings 2.

Slowly getting to the point where I'm seeing all my favorites.
I would expect Birds Of Prey, SilverWolf and Wild Americoins eventually....(maybe)
but who knows there are still IGT games i would love to see some i cant play at land based casinos anymore
Would also love to see more Bally games. i think the only one i ever saw was Wonder Woman Gold online
I wasn't expecting this at all, but over 30 minutes ago at the time of this post... I have a made a NEW RECORD in terms of how much money was won!!! My last major hit was back in February 18, 2020 with a 6101x ( $2440.32 on a 40 cent bet ) on Blueprint - Legacy of Ra Megaways at LVBet.

This time on NolimitCity - Karen Maneater...


The first major hit in the bonus, but wait!!!! There is more!


The SECOND MAJOR HIT in the bonus! The final result is below...


Insanity! I was playing the "Extra Bet" of 12 cents at my bet level of 40 cents so 52 cents in total. If we take the full amount, the bonus hit was 4887x ( $2541.08 ). If based on the base level of 40 cents... 6353x! Because of that, I can't claim a record for the "X Times bet", but I can for the amount of money won. :p

Since this is on a provider that records bonuses, you should see this one. It was actually really deceptive in how it was going to be... :)

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Buffalo back on betmgm, Also another Anaxi wild wild Emerald, not sure if they are working and not sure when will redeposit on there.

Also OLG added a Monopoly World tour! So if you like Monopoly slots, the free spins are from some classics like Montezuma and Raging Rhino.
its kind of too bad the RTP is so low on the Anaxi slots and that they don't have lower bet options (lowest they start at is 0.40 and sometimes 0.60 from what i can see).
Wow! What a nice win! I need to spread out and play at more sites as it is. I recently started playing at Fanduel and so far, my luck has been sweet. I am up ahead overall by a few hundred currently.

This is an awesome hit on Nolimit City - Xways Hoarder Xsplit a few days ago...


To see it in action:
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Checked out the new Woodbine casino on Tuesday. It's ok. The food court and sitting are nice.
The casino itself is ok. Lots of slots and thought I never say this but it seemed too big too many slots. Think they have 4800 slots.
Trust me this is in no way a Vegas-style casino as they advertised as far from it. It seems they tried to go modern but it lacks any wow factor or abience and while playing there the place doesn't make you feel you want to stay.
Many machines were filthy gross with smudges. The carpets everywhere are already stained doesn't look like they clean regularly and seeing this alone makes me not want to play there. Besides don't know what they thinking when choosing this carpet they must have purchased it at a dollar store it looks already outdated.

I just read the other day they have made millions less than predicted to date and blame it on to many casinos including the Pickering casino which is funny as they built that one too. Both are run by Great Canadian and that says it all,they also blame it for availability of online casinos. I think the truth is it poorly designed and dirty for a new place and people just don't like it. It only has a 2-star rating so they need to blame themselves also really no easy way to get there unless driving. Do you think for a Vegas-style casino they brag about they would have express casino buses like Fallsview? I can get to Fallsview by Go-train at almost the same time to get to Woodbine by transit and Woodbine is a 20 min drive from where I am.

If you go bring Lysol wipes. Guess they blew the budget and can not afford to keep the place clean.
I got this great bonus on Pragmatic Play: Floating Dragon - Dragon Boat Festival at Fanduel over 14 hours ago at the time of this post. Made it all the way to the 10x multiplier and got a few hits too. :)


I'll take 877x on 50 cents any day!
Casinomeister.ca lists the Accredited Casinos that take bets from Ontario.

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