Coolbet Futures Bet Cashout option? HELP


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Aug 21, 2021
Good day fellow casino enthusiasts,

I'm looking for a little assistance. I put forward an official dispute with this operator last year and the results from the 3rd party reviewer came back. And I'm looking for some assistance from any of you that have used this site in the past / present.

Basically they closed my account at the end of January 2022 due to being unsatisfied with the proof of income documents. And that's fine, I'm not arguing it nor does that really effect me. What does effect me is that I had 500$ futures bet on Cincinnati bangles to win the SB. This futures bet was over 22 to 1

Now the timing of this account closure is whats killing me. They closed my account while that wager was still pending and I was unable to "live cashout" the wager since my account was closed.

I asked the operator to pay it out based on the sites cashout option but they refused saying that if the wager won they would pay me out but otherwise I do not have access to my account as they closed it.

My complaint to the 3rd party review was that I was simply asking to be paid out at the cashout rate that was offered on the site. As every single week come Tuesday ( after the NFL week was over ) there would be a cash out option...

This never happened. The wager lost. My complaint was already filed.. the 3rd party decision came back today saying..

the Customer claimed that due to his restricted access to the gaming account, he was unable to cash out his pending bets. However, at time of account closure (19.01.2022), the complainant didn’t have any eligible bets available for cash out. This is due to the fact that according to Coolbet’s Cash Out Rules (1.5.2), which form a part of Terms & Conditions, outright bets are not eligible for cash out

Now.. having placed futures bets on this site for years and having the option to cash out every single week!!! I find it very insulting that they would claim that no such option exists..

Which finally leads to my question. Does any one have any proof of a cashout option for a futures bet from this site? As I would like to return to the 3rd party reviewer and show proof that the operators statement is inaccurate..

Or any other feedback anyone of you might have..

Thanks everyone.

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