Online casinos feel like a rip off lately.


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Mar 2, 2020
Eversince corona hit it feels like online casinos turned down the RTP and are just trying to eat as much money as possible to stay afloat. I can't win shit lately. The worst part is I live next to an indian casino and go there every week and I've had bigger wins and more bonuses at those casinos than any of my online play (And those casinos probably have slots at 80% RTP).

At this point I don't even care that my wins haven't even come close in terms of X my bet online, its the fact that for almost every game I play I have to spend 100$ at 40-60cent bets just to even see a bonus that gives me 5x-40x.

I've hit 600x+ multiple times at the land based casinos in the past month and I haven't even broke a 100x bonus online for the past month. Anyone else having shit luck online?


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Nov 18, 2012
Hi, sorry to hear your bad luck. But that is how it has been for many years to me.

I cannot confirm your suggestion that things would have changed since the coronavirus made its appearance.
In fact I made a profit of over 120K in the last two weeks, while just depositing 1 or 2k at a time.
This happend to me once before, that was around two years ago.

So no, for me this year is a real good one again.
You can only hope that your luck comes back at a point, but don't expect anything of it, that way you won't be too much disappointed.

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