Online gambling has become a disgrace for UK players

I remember having a discussion here on CM many years ago with Nifty, about RTP %'s.

As I recall, he seemed to be arguing that a couple percentages would not make a significant difference in player experience, so that it shouldn't matter to players whether the RTP is 99% or 93%. I would get so frustrated with his obstinance, but yeah, it makes a BIG difference in player experience.

It definitely does
It;s not a "couple of percent" because it is relative, for example a 96% rtp means you lose 4% of your wager per spin on average whereas a 94% rtp means you lose 6% of your wager - that is a 50% increase!
If you went to into your local shop and everything had suddenly increased by 50% in price then you would walk straight out again!

99% to 93% will make you lose your money 8x as quickly! that guy is talking crap lol
Depending on where specifically the rtp is lost in the game will make a difference to how the experience is but I don't see how they could possibly work out so "it wouldn't make a significant difference to player experience". Either the small wins are less common and smalleror the big wins are smaller and the bonuses less frequent. Either way it becomes quickly noticeable

There was an experiment where players had to choose from 2 supposedly normal decks of cards, a red deck and a blue deck. One deck was ever so slightly weighted towards containing better cards but only very slightly. Pretty quickly players would favour the "better" deck even though they couldn't pinpoint why. They could just "feel it". So I don't think it is an illusion when you hear so many people saying the slots feel worse now, since they really ARE! and by a significant amount too
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Besides earlier affordability checks that will start affecting way more players, were also looking at 5 second spins from 17 jan 2025.

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