one pissed of man!

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Dec 24, 2003
im writing because im pissed off, im a proud black man who won $1500 in VP at, and when i went to cash out i was told because i was black i would have to submit documents saying i wasnt a criminal or drug addict, wussup with that u white bastards, then i was told its a respectable casino and i wasnt getting my money because i must have cheated, this aint right, im a pissed of nigger.
:mad: First Off, how in the hell can the casino tell if you are Black?? And I doubt any casino would care or even ask if you were a criminal or who ever..And if you were so PROUD, why would a Black MAN call himself a "nigger" in a public forum like this? So who is the "respectable" one here!!!! And then you had to get racist with that slur-white bastards- I doubt that you are really who you say you are...SHAME ON YOU.

one pissed off woman :axeman2:
Johnny Tree...
Is that your real name or is that the name you were called when you were in prison.
Are you completely out of your mind?
As BABYSISTER said..."how in the hell can the casino tell if you are Black"??
And who the hell cares if you are black, green or blue.
You are a racist...and in MY OPINION, we don't need you posting you BULL in this forum! :mad:

This was the first post...why not just make it your last!
That is just MY feelings!
Is that howya treat your fellow man problem, rigth? tellme about calling myself a nigger, cause i will if i want to, i'm a black man! these bastards knew im black after i sendem my passport copy as they asked,, whats this a KKK lover forum or gamblers advocate.
lanidar, go screw yourself smartass,,

One of my sons BEST friends is African.
This young mans name is Kwasi. A real gentlemen and an extremely courteous fellow. I can only gather that his manners were inherited from his family who actually LIVE in Africa.
Kwasi played on line and had to submit his passport many times and was paid in a timely fashion, NO-ONE but NO-ONE cared what color he is.

So..stop it with that KKK crap.
We don't want to hear your rantings and ravings!
hey 'proudman1'! Do you think you're the only brother on this forum? The only white guys on this forum is the one wearing the mask on all his postings. The rest of us are all brothers. :lol:
Hey brothers and sisters,

Isn't Brandy Casino located in Africa? Seychelles to be more exact?
Proudman1, you just took the fast road to being banned. This is not a place to vent using derogatory comments and insults. You are required to abide by the terms and conditions here.
<hr size=0>quote:<p>Abusive behavior will not be tolerated and your account may be suspended. Please refrain from potty mouth language.<hr size=0>​

Goodbye proudman1. And here's another thing to be proud of: you're about the 10th person banned from this forum in nearly six years of its existance. It takes a lot to get booted from here.
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