VIP benefits pays of sometimes


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Jan 17, 2014
I am top VIP at an MG casino. Lets just say its usually nothing special. I earn comp points fairly quick so the cashback sure can be a nice freebie. But other than that I cant think of anything else. My deposit bonuses suck and I never get anything special there.

However. The other day I was given a $75 free chip. I started to play and thought hmmm whats the max cashout on this. I look and its 50x wagering and max cashout of $100. Im like wtf is this for real. Thats terrible.

I think of forfeiting it as thats a serious waste of my time...but then I hit something for a few hundred and think ya know what just play with it..its free playtime and maybe a fun challenge to see if you can make it. But wait. What if I hit something nice. I will be pissed.

Sure enough towards the end of wagering I hit something and my balance is sitting at $800. I face palm and think what a bad beat.

I go on live chat and speak to the pitboss and complain a bit saying you know im top VIP here and gamble alot. I think you guys need to recheck your VIP program because it really sucks big time. Like $100 max cashout. Come on. I spin usually $2-$6. The pit boss was like a robot. Short. Arrogant. To the point. No emotion. I wasnt impressed but whatever.

But I guess in the end they like me because I checked my bank today and they sent me the full $800.


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Mar 21, 2012
Great to hear,

Yes the max cap is there to protect casino, But when it comes to VIP there is a reason thet players are VIP and to be hit with a 100 max take out is a piss take,

Glad they paid it all, Wonder if the talk with the agent may of helped ??


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Aug 29, 2012
I feel strangely hypnotized by Lockinlove's words....

Even I've just sent her $800 :eek::(

How did she do that, goddammit :confused: