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May 29, 2004
Ok - you yanks were right, Brit Humour clearly just isn't funny (or it doesn't translate well!) :oops:


I'm **** from a media agency named “Goblin-Media” ,
I have contacted you for advertising inquiry.

We are promoting *****Casino & ****Poker.com, and I consider working with you. We are well budgeted & sure we can create a profitable work relation.

Please page me back with information regarding advertising.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi ****

Thank you for your enquiry about representing Goblin media properties on Oggs.com. I have passed your gnome to my partner who will contact your'elves soon. It sounds like a fairy good casino and although I am not in the hobbit of taking on just anybody obviously, its is a wizard idea considering the current spell of uncertainty in the industry. While my site is arguably dwarfed by some of the larger affiliate portals, I could probably find a gollum inch or two for the casino in my next update,

Sorry for the briefness of the email, but it's mordor at ork recently so am a bit rushed.



Hi & thanks for the quick response,

Goblin-Media represents Empire Online .

All the online gaming is indeed foggy these days

We think its appropriate to continue working (only legally ofcourse), and bcz we are a well budgeted company,it is still safe working with

Us compared to other small marketing agencies.

I will wait for your partner to contact me in order to set something up!

& Thanks for the detailed repsonse.

Erm...a pleasure :eek2:
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Why be so facetious Simmo?

Are they a complete muppet outfit or something?

30-15 to them. :D

LOL. Nah but its about the 3rd time they contacted me and I was in the mood. I get loads of email approaches for advertising so I guess I get a bit blasé :oops:
Hmm you made me think I was a bit out of order now...I'll move the thread to "Webmasters" I think :thumbsup:

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