Noob needing help or advice


Feb 1, 2005
Hi all small intro just a student but im trying to set up with an affiliates program i already got name host etc i have ran forums portals etc before all free never ones to make money time to change.

So what i was looking for as i done a bit of research are referback and casinoblasters the 2 best to go with. I havent signed up to any thought best come ask the experts first.

As for design i was going to use PHP nuke and have back end forum etc for support or anything else. Just asking am i on the right track or can you point me to the better affiliates and site design.


Hi Android,

And welcome to the forum. Check out this section (needs serious updating - please bear with): Old URL

You can find some good guidelines on marketing online casinos here. Also check out
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. Many of the webmasters in this forum are members there as well.

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