Wildz closing affy accounts for asking for 3rd party help


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Oct 10, 2017
Just a warning to all.

Wildz is closing player and affiliate accounts and threatening legal action for going to 3rd parties for help of non payment.

Recently I won there and after 8 days of non payment and no help from the affiliate department, I went and asked a 3rd party for help.

Not long after I received an email stating my affiliate account closed, no previous or current commissions will be paid because I went to a 3rd party for help and not them.

Which is untrue. I asked the affy department for help and they told me to go to live chat. Either way, that is not grounds for what they have done

I was verified with this casino for a long time. They deleted my KYC and told the 3rd party they didnt pay me because they needed documents. They did not email me the document request either.

My opinion is this casino is struggling. Many forums are littered with non and extremely long delays.

I will be reporting their behavior to the MGA also