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Feb 22, 2001

Online gambling group selects Spin3 mobile gambling technology

The Microgaming-powered Vegas Partner Lounge online casino and poker room group has added a new on-the-go entertainment dimension for its players - mobile gaming accessible through cellphones.

Spin3, the wireless casino system provider, has announced the launch of Crazy Mobile, using Microgaming's GameWire 2.1 mobile software system.

Vegas Partner Lounge has worked closely with Spin3 to develop Crazy Mobile Casino, which will offer 10 traditional casino games.

The product will be available to an international base of content providers including the UK, South Africa, the US, Canada, Australia, France and Japan. GameWire 2.1 is currently the only wireless casino system to offer three progressive jackpot games, connected to the global network of Microgaming online casinos.

A spokesperson for Vegas Partner Lounge explained, "We are seeing a tremendous uptake of mobile casino services, with a whole new target audience looking for a fast, fun experience on the move."

"Spin3 has helped us deliver a sleek, user friendly casino experience with Crazy Mobile Casino, enabling us to satisfy demand from our existing online customers for a new wireless platform."

Other mobile casinos using the Spin3 system include Ladbrokes and Wild Jacks Mobile.

Juniper Research recently published forecasts that the mobile gaming market, currently estimated at $2 billion p.a. will grow exponentially over the next five years and has the potential to reach $16.5 billion in revenues from a percentage of 450 million mobile users.
I saw Tombraider on the Spin3 system at ICE last year and it looked very true to the original. :thumbsup:

At the time, Spin3 were trying to work out a good deposit mechanism via the mobile phone...wonder if they've sorted that yet?

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