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Jan 20, 2004
Hello everyone, or at least everyone that is having problems with casinos in the Virtual Group (and associated casinos).

As many of you will know the Virtual Group has a pretty spotty history. Years ago they were the worst of the worst, then for a few years they worked hard at cleaning up their act, then they were sold (or something of that nature) and things haven't been great since then.

The bottom line is that this group tends to slow-pay players. Whether that is intentional or they simply have the least reliable payment processing system in the business is hard to say. There are certainly a number of reoccurring "problems" they report to players as the reasons for the delays. Suffice it to say that players often have to fight like hell to get paid though, to be fair, they often are. Eventually.

Another truth that's come to light is that they tend to pay more readily when the player makes the payment problems public, one way or another. This forum is an attempt to gather those issues in one place to help expedite their resolution or, at least, make it clear to all the scope and nature of the problems players are facing.

If you post a new thread here please identify the specific casino or casinos you are referring to in your thread title.
If that's not done we'll likely come in and update the thread title to include that info.

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