Altacore NV payment problems


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Jul 12, 2010
Hi all!
They have multiple casinos in that casino group. Also that Flappy that has a active rep here if I remember correct.
Seems that all their casinos have very big payment problems/ delays atm.
I read multiple big casino forums and there is huge amount of complaints going against these casinos. Seems that they have started to delay payments and making very very long additional KYC checks for every payout.

I for example have waited a small cashout ( little over 100€) since 11.1. in one of their site. And earlier payments have been running very smoothly and fast there.

Does anyone else here have any experience what is going on with their sites?
Or could @Flappy maybe comment what is reason for these issues with your casino group?

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Hi @Mosse,

Flappy here - I understand this topic is not about us per se, but let me quickly step in and try to shed some light in.

Yes, there are a number of casinos on that license, however many of them are managed independently and hence generalisations about payment speeds are not accurate.

Overall, we are not aware of any issues or deliberate payment delays, however (speaking on our behalf) sometimes KYC procedures can be lengthy as clients not always promptly provide the required documents.

I suggest 2 things:
a. check with the brand as to whether there are any documents pending for your verification.

b. come and try FlappyCasino out.

Have a great weekend !
Thanks for reply @Flappy !

Always interesting to hear how casinos are operated etc and how things work.

I hope all problems will be solved asap on there!
And btw, I have already account on Flappy too! But because of stuck cashout on other Altacore casino, I wont deposit there until all problems are fixed.
Appreciate the insights, Mosse. It's crucial for casinos to address payment delays and KYC issues promptly. Let's hope for smoother operations in the future. Thanks, Flappy, for shedding some light on the situation. Looking forward to a better experience with FlappyCasino when things are resolved.

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