WARNING KatsCasino, endless excuses resulting in non-payment


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Jan 20, 2004
Recent complaints have brought to light some serious problems with KatsCasino (katscasino.com). The casino is using a variety of slow-pay techniques that effectively result in player balances not being paid. For example:

Feb 29: I requested a withdrawl for $3000 ... Febuary 16th I received notice I was going to be paid in 6 installment payments of $500 each. I received the first $500 Febuary 16th and was told the next one would be paid the 23rd. It's now Febuary 29th and still have not received any additional payments ...
March 12: I have received another payment of $500 a week ago but still missing $2000 from this withdrawl ... told just to wait and the banking team will update me ... I have not received any updates from the banking team
March 26: I was promised by multiple representatives of the casino and account hosts I was going to receive a payment by March 24 ... I did not receive anything ...
March 29: ... they informed me they have no way to contact or update the payment team ...

WARNING: KatsCasino (katscasino.com) is perpetually delaying payments to players such that player balances are effectively frozen. Withdrawals are not being honoured. Promised payments never materialise. Creative excuses and old-fashioned BS seem to be the casino's go-to plan for dealing with players. Players are advised to avoid this casino until there is good reason to believe the casino has ceased with this no-pay nonsense.
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These sites are scary - their VIP program happily talks about four figure and five figure deposits, but buried in their terms and conditions are a $2000 per week default cap on withdrawals, and the FAQ further restricts this to a single withdrawal per week.

Naturally, any withdrawal in progress impedes all loyalty and other stuff and withdrawals will be held for 48-72 hours - as a way to get you to reverse and keep playing (and eventually losing). Even a crypto withdrawal can take "4 to 7 business days" according to their FAQ...

Which is clearly the tactic here - drip-feed the win ($500 per "week") so the player reverses and loses the rest or if that doesn't work just stop paying them.

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