neone been paid within 7-10 business days from a black widow / grand banks /sterling


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May 21, 2004
Does anyone know anyone or have they personally ever been paid what they cashed out from these casinos within the time it says on the website 7-10 business days?

Also is there any difference between the 3 or is the cashout system processed by the same people and in exactly the same way?

They are the same casino, just different names.
One and half years ago, I was paid after 30 days. I think I was pretty lucky becuase I've never seen anyone got paid in one month.
Keep pushing them and never give up. Someday, hopefully within 6 months, you will get the money.
So you definately get paid eventually? I'll just pretend what they owe me is in savings if thats the case.

I cant honestly see them taking so long its not like they ignore customer support I just cant imagine it.

I get responses from emails in 15 mins, live chat has someone opperating it not to mention you can phone them.

I'll give them 10 days see if they keep true to their word.
Need I Say More!!!!

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I used to play at Grand Banks many years ago. I won all the time. In one weekend I got 3 royal Flushes! Notice I said that I used to play there. The first year they paid in 2 weeks or so. The last time I cashed out it took almost 60 days. But I will say that I did always get paid. It's too bad about the way they run their business, I loved playing there. Now I won't play on any Playtech just takes too long to get paid. Now I think that four days is too long!
I agree I think the maximum time should be 48 hours MAX for processing of cash outs.

Yea I know its a rougue casino i found out it was after I smelt a rat with there cash in time unfortunatelly it was too late :(
Black Widow

I got paid from them in December 03, but I had to bug the hell out of them plus open a PrepaidATM account. Think it took between 2-3 weeks total. Good luck!

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