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Jun 4, 2006
South Carolina
This is my first post but I have been a member for awhile. So be nice.If you had to go into an online casino everyday and make 10 dollars a day, what game or games would you play? And why? This may sound trivial, but believe me it is for a bigger picture. Thanks for any and all advice.
That is not trivial, it's just impossible (assuming you don't want to take bonuses into account).
There will be days when you will straightway lose, no chance to ever recover your bankroll.
There is no way to beat the odds, it is irrelevant that you are satisfied with constant small wins. In the long run you will always lose.
Besides bonses, there are only a few games where you can achieve an edge over the house. Those games are certain video poker variations; there are very few of them and you will suffer tremendous downswings ($1000s at times) trying to achieve the theoretical edge.

Any progression system you might be contemplating (for roulette etc) will result in certain doom.

Don't do it but if you must then learn to play poker and stay away from the online casinos. Casinos are for entertainment and bonuses, not for making $10 a day.
Online casino gambling should first and foremost be a form of entertainment like a night out on the town or going to see a movie. It should not be viewed upon as a way to make money.
Thanks Guys, everyone is saying what I already knew, and I appreciate the honesty. I have been playing online for awhile and have not done too bad, I am an inventor by trade so my mindset is to always try to beat what everyones says can not be beaten. But I am having fun and that is the key. I love this site and reading everyones post. This is truly a good source for information. :thumbsup:
nafanny29 said:
If there was a way of making $10 a day there would be a way of making unlimited money each day. (Again excluding bonuses).
Spot on! :thumbsup:
It might be possible - but there would have to be a limit on how much you would risk.

e.g. When I play Crypto Pontoon @ $1 hands, my target is to make $10 profit.
But if I get to $10 down I quit.
If I was to carry on trying to recover, where should I stop; -$30? -$50, -$100? :eek:

With most even-ish money games you can most likely get $10 up at some point 8 out of 10 times, but it's stopping when you're losing that is the key to overall success.

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