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Mar 23, 2024
moncton New Brunswick
Hello everyone,

I’m thrilled to be part of this forum and to connect with fellow online gaming enthusiasts. My name is ], and while I enjoy playing online, I’ve encountered some challenges with certain gaming sites regarding the collection of my winnings. It’s been a frustrating experience, as I’ve faced issues with document rejections and unclear requirements.

I’m here seeking advice and support from this community, hoping to learn from others who may have encountered similar situations or have insights to share. If anyone has experience navigating the process of collecting winnings from online gaming sites or dealing with document verification issues, I would greatly appreciate any guidance you can offer.

Looking forward to engaging with all of you and sharing experiences!

I need help to collect my winnings

Best regards,
@Joeyninijojo1185 , you've come to the right place! :) We have a no-charge Player Arbitration (PAB) service that you're welcome to use. The idea is that you give us some info on the problem and we chase it down for you. Here's a guide to getting started with that: How to submit a Player Arbitration (PAB) Ticket - Casinomeister Forum

If you do proceed please ensure that you have read and will comply with the Player Arbitration Policies and Procedures . Failure to comply with the rules could slow, damage or even cancel your PAB.

Max Drayman
Head of Dispute Arbitration & Player Complaints (PABs)

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