Microgaming Progressive Slots - What Size Jackpot is a Good Deal?


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Aug 14, 2004
I have a large bonus that I have to play out for an obscenely large wagering requirement on slots. So essentially my only hope is a jackpot. :)

My thought was to go for it on a progressive machine where the jackpot has built up to the point where it has become a better deal than usual.

But looking through the various progressives... I have no clue as to which might be a good deal at the current jackpot size, or even what size the jackpots start out at.

Does anyone here have some information about that, or can point me to somewhere that does?
Excellent! Thanks for that link.

That site ranks them by their own proprietary scoring system, which is certainly helfpul... but does anyone know of a site or method to calculate the actual expected return based on the current jackpot?

(It may not be possible to know this without disclosure from Microgaming about the odds of hitting the various payouts.)
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Slot Charts is good, and run by someone I feel is pretty sharp. Awesome Jackpots is run by someone else (me) and provides some similar data but also some different data.

For example, these are the Microgaming charts:

Old / Expired Link

You'll see that King Cashalot has moved to the top of the charts, representing the highest value (V) - with (R) being the return for the max bet represented by (Q).

In this case, King Cashalot is returning 5xx,xxx odds - so you can safely assume that this is a very high payback indeed :)

Some point in the future I will revamp and add more data. But for now, I would definitely recommend Slot Charts as well because they have another value which tells you when a jackpot is past its average value.

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