Miami Club Casino - I am trying to get answers and things resolved about payout


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Oct 14, 2004
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The clarity has helped. It looked like a case of it simply being taken as fact that at 72, someone simply cannot achieve the ability to learn a new language or get to grips with modern computer technology. Bringing multi accounting into the debate explains a fair bit. The 72 year old is having her identity used by someone else, probably as part of a scheme to have numerous shots at the free chip.

This is of course the fundamental problem with the free chip method of attracting players, it attracts the chancers as there is no real risk of losing deposited funds. Get rid of welcome free chips, and you get rid of a considerable number of these chancers, who then have the more complicated task of setting up credible deposit and withdrawal methods that tally with the ID they are using, and they can't predict in advance which set they are going to have to utilize for a withdrawal.


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Dec 1, 2011
Too funny, the ONLY thing that stood out to me when reading the OP post with the chat session was "Wow, amazing how articulate the english is in chat compared to the post." First and only red flag needed!


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Jun 30, 1998
I've PMd this person twice today to get him/her to respond and answer my questions - either here in the thread or via PM. This person has logged in twice since then - read the posts, but logged back out. So if it walks like a duck...

Permanently banned.