Casino Complaint Scatters Delayed Payments


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Oct 8, 2022
nanaimo bc
I am fully verified member of scatters casino. I won a small amount $350. I was told I would receive the withdrawal within 48 hours.

My withdrawal was requested, and my previous ID verification was confirmed by email.

The first time I was told payment would be received within 48 hours, then the website went down for maintenance for 3 days . During that time I emailed support and they told me it would be within 48 hours.

I waited 60 hours, The next time I was able to reach someone via Online chat. They told me that the payment team was looking at it and I would receive an email shortly.

I have still not received my $350 and is wondering if this is a common thing or if they're delaying it for some other reason. I'm having a hard time understanding what the holdup is being its only $350. I'm fully verified. They are not waiting on me for anything.
Just had to post the ridiculous reply I just received from them.

After waiting and waiting For my withdrawal to be processed They stay it had to be canceled because it was over the 48 hours processing time?.

Evidently this casino is just trying to play games. It's their own 48-hour time frame, not mine. I have nothing to do with how long it takes them to process says withdrawals so they cancel my withdrawal due to their inability to fulfill it within their time frame?


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