VegasCrest delays payout.


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Jul 6, 2010
Things have become worse for me at Vegacsrest. After hitting a 1000x bet win on a Betsoft game, which I posted a screenie of, they still have not paid me. They are once again claiming processor issues. I have two pending payouts. One for 2800 and one for 700 or so. They said their processor sometimes freezes payouts and has to check for fraud. They also claimed that they have fixed the issue and the funds should be released shortly. it has been almost a month waiting for the first payout and the second has been sitting idle "reversible" for two weeks. There last email response to me is below. Pretty upset to say the least. I am sssuming I will be paid eventually. But having a 2k withdrawal cap on BTC is terrible. i chose bank transfer assuming it would be faster. No clue how long this is going to take.. but this raises serious concerns from my perspective,.

Thank you for your email.

We're contacting you today to advise you that we have been informed that there will be a delay with your requested payouts.

As you may already be aware, we use 3rd party processors to send payouts on our behalf.

Unfortunately, from time-to-time fund transfers are stopped or temporary withheld while in transit to be scrutinized to fulfil Anti-Fraud requirements.

When this happens, the transfer of funds is frozen, and questions are sent that we need to answer. Once all KYC obligations have been met and approved (usually takes 10-14 business days) then the funds are released and continue on to their final destination.

We can confirm that we have already answered all their questions and provided the supporting documentation, and we are just waiting for them to verify everything on their end. We expect to have the funds released shortly.

We are very sorry that this happened, and we are doing our utmost to ensure that you receive your payout as soon as possible.
Received my bitcoin transfer for 700 today. So that went through. I am assuming the funds have been cleared to payout as they stated. Now just waiitng for the bank transfer which will obviously take longer. :) Still a very long process. Will update once the bank funds appear,
They revereds my bank transfer and paid me out on bitcoin right away. Apparently just processor issues. Still annoying. But finally got paid. Bought back in for 500 and cashed out another 1800... hopefully this one goes quick :)

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