Vegascrest payment processor broken for BTC


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Jul 6, 2010
Hello, just a heads up that Vegascrest is having a serious issue with payments.

I have 2 withdrawals stuck for about $2500.00 which have been sitting idle for quite some time. One has been almost two weeks now. Thye keep saying they are having issues with their payment processor. They assure me my money is safe! But I aam starting to worry. Anyone else having issues? Their processor is "Coinspaid" I believe. Others have told me they are having issues with similar things on other sites as well.

I am not doing a PAB yet, and not sure if there is a rep here for Vegascrest? Maybe KasinoKing knows? I love Vegascrest and its my favorite place to play. But if I can't get paid I guess I can't continue to buy in for now,

I also had a problem with my last deposit. It was sent for $3.00 above the 100 I deposit and got confisicated by Coinspaid for overpayment. They said they ould refund my money - $10.00 for a fee. So now I am missing another $100 which was never refunded.. Not sure how to handle all of this. Pretty annnoying to take my money for an overpayment and then say it will be refunded. I gave them my crypto address and they said to check back in 72 hours.

Vegascrest has alos now said 72 hours...

At a loss of words
Looks like its all over got a pop up at bitstarz and winz that btc payouts were late
Yep! A friend at 3dice told me they saw it at Bitstazr as well. They had an issue. Assuming its all coinspaid sites. I deposited at Brango.. and they had to manually add the funds hours later.. think I will stick to Bovada group and 3dice for a while.. no issues because they dont use coinspaid.. everywhere seems to use coinspaid..

I reached out to coinspaid again and they said they are in the process of manually doing payments.. so I think it should go through soon. Don't think it' a Vegascrest issue.. just the Coinspaid..

Still sucks.. no clue whats going on with BTC lately.. even sending money straight from one wallet to another takes 3 hours..
Lucky you can use Neteller. I am in U.S. so thats not an option.

Just as an update.. I got back $90.00 of $100.00 for my deposit that got rejectd for a $3.00 overpayment.
I also got my $600 withdrawal from Vegascrest, which was not stuck due to the hack.

I am now stuck waiitng for $1800.00 which was trapped within the hack.. so I have no clue when I will get that money. But it looks like they are working on it.
still waiting since Monday, funny think how casino is ignoring to update players
Yeah, I am stuck for $1800 at Vegacrest. But it is not the casino that is doing it. It is Coinspaid. Completely separate from casino. No clue how long until it will come. Hopefully soon. Good luck! Using bank withdrawals for now on I think. Would rather spend extra and make sure I get paid.
UPDATED: Coinspaid has now paid me all my transactions. I hope everyone else gets their coins. GL e1. Just glad it had nothing to do with the actual casinos

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