Feedback Meister e-mails vs googles spam filter


I often find the CM newsletters and announcements in my spam folder, even though I've clicked the 'not spam' button on previous emails. Today I noticed that it gave me a reason for the spamming:

Why is this message in Spam? We've found that lots of messages from are spam.

Looks like the newsletter provider you're using has been flagged by mr google as being on the naughty list. Just thought you might like to know as it probably happens to other users that use gmail.


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Thanks! The problem is I've been using topica for a long, long time. It's unfortunate that they've had this spam issue - they require double opt in from everyone.


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Casinomeister emails were not even making it to my google account ever, nor emails from MAX regarding my PAB. so i switched my emails over to my .edu account and what do you know they started coming in again.