MrVegas (Videoslots) refusing CrazyTime bonus

I always find it remarkable, that right after a (good) winning session on Lightning roulette for example, the video just freezes and it wont recover untill the outcome was landed. Obvious my bet lost. But it makes me wonder if the casino can uphold certain "security" tricks or aspects to prevent players from winning too much. Good luck on your case.

They've obviously declined the bet out of maybe, a security measurement. Someone set it too aggressive.
I've chased for an update today and have had this response:
"The compensation offered was made by Evolution. Videoslots have been liaising with Evolution to establish the facts of the error as well as find a resolution.

I shall communicate the information you have provided me with to Videoslots who shall then liaise with Evolution as they have been doing so."

Surely a compensation from evolution should not come into it.
My contract (of sorts) is with Videoslots and not Evolution.
Evolution is the third party game provider.
All losses and wins are between myself and Videoslots.
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Hi all
So since the post was hidden (Videoslots complained to IBAS that I was posting whilst it was under ADR - something IBAS say is against their T&C's) the following has happened.

Sep 26th sent my counter offer back.

Oct 27th Evolution, yep the game provider not Videoslots rejected my counter offer of £2500 (x52 + £500), no reason given - also no explanation as to how they came to their average of x36. This then was passed back to the panel for review

Nov 28th IBAS have made their decision.
They took into consideration everything I provided, but Videoslots and Evolution provided game logs which stated the bet was not placed despite me having the images.
They also stated that it was a glitch/malfunction that displayed my balance incorrectly and allowing me to place bets for greater than my balance.
So because of this and the fact that Videoslots included their T&C regarding Malfunctions - IBAS sided with Videoslots...... However I still have been awarded the x36 compensation as offered by Evolution.

"The Panel adjudicate that the company have provided sufficient evidence to confirm that a malfunction did occur, and the customer had good reason to believe he had won and to be disgruntled with how the situation was handled. Overall, the Panel consider that the amount offered to the customer represents a reasonable compromise in the circumstances"

So that's £1158 (x36 of bet), now it's over to Videoslots to payout.

In total it will be roughly 40% of what my wining bet would have been, which considering they agreed it was malfunction I could have walked away with just the goodwill gesture they paid out in June.
(£380 good will gesture + £1158 = £1538)

I would like to thank all admins and mods on this forum for creating such a vital source of information.
I'd also like to thank all those who have contributed and assisted within this thread.
When playing these games it's vital that you always video record your sessions.
Based on my experience dealing with Videoslots and IBAS - I wouldn't have got the full winnings even if it was recorded, as they hide behind the "malfunction/error avoids plays" in their T&C's.
I think these errors are from Evolutions glitchy software not really Videoslots/Mr Vegas fault. Saw technical errors galore across many sites from Evolution.. I recommend switching to another live gaming platform Playtechs is improving as are Pragmatics. It's the main reason I keep my bets low on Evolution when I play it in case something goes wrong.
I had this happening to me years ago on lightning roulette, bet 19,4,15 but my bet disappeared on the 4 with 100 euros on it while it was accepted. There was a 500x on 4 and it fell. Next round that 100 euro was placed back to my balance. Remember that I always play 15,19,4. Of course they claimed blah blah. I don't trust online gambling anymore.

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